How to clean your suede shoes


Suede shoes are a staple of many footwear collections. Both light and cosy suede shoes are a popular choice at any time of year. However, it can be hard to keep them in tip-top condition especially with our inclement weather here in London.

So how do we keep our suede shoes in top condition? Is it even possible to rescue our suede shoes from tough stains? Here are our top tips to ensure that your pair of suede shoes remains in peak condition.

Purchase a suede cleaning brush 

Purchasing a specialised cleaning brush for suede is vital for preserving your suede shoes. A suede cleaning brush can either be used to brush off any accumulated dirt gathered from wearing or to return the suede to its even appearance.

A handy tip from one of our experienced cleaners based in Barnes is to only brush your suede shoes when they are completely dry. Suede is rather sensitive to water, as you may have noticed if you’ve worn your suede shoes in the rain before. Thus it is imperative to only brush when they’re completely dry to ensure the best results.

What about stains?

The use of a suede cleaning brush alone will not be enough to eradicate certain stains that may exist on your suede shoes. With this in mind another tool will be required. So what can be used? Fortunately, according to one of our trustworthy cleaners in Queensway, the required tool is more than likely to be already located in your home. A pencil eraser.

Much like with pencil marks, the use of an eraser for your suede shoes can be treated in the same way. Gently rub the desired area of the shoe with the eraser and finish of the process by giving your suede shoes one final brush in order to remove the bits left behind by the pencil eraser. If you do not have access to a pencil eraser, it is possible to purchase a suede eraser which is specifically designed to do the very job.

And those even tougher stains?

Tougher stains such as spillages from wine, food or ink may require the use of a more radical cleaning tool; white vinegar.  White vinegar can be a great ally in fighting away tougher stains such as those mentioned above. White vinegar’s acidity makes it an effective household cleaner to deal with those foul build-ups and unlike water, will not stain your suede shoes.

To treat the stain using white vinegar, place a few drops of white vinegar on a plain white towel. Then carefully blot the cloth onto the stain, leaving the stained area to dry out completely once done. After that brush of the area of the shoe using your suede cleaning brush.

The final touch: Suede protector

After cleaning your suede shoes, a good finishing touch to employ is the use of a suede protector. Using a suede protector will help to prevent the development of future stains and will strengthen your suede shoes by making them a little more resistant to water. Suede protectors can be purchased online, where there are many options to choose from, but be sure to have a look at the manufacturer’s instructions before application.

We hope that you found our tips useful. If you need help cleaning other household items, you could always book a professional cleaner who would be happy to help with your every need.