How to get cleaner clothes with a cleaner washing machine?


Your clothes aren’t clean unless your washing machine is!

It is surprising to see that many of us clean our clothes in a soiled machine. It is essential to clean and maintain your washing machine to prevent foul smells, germs and molds building up affecting your laundry. 

If you find that your laundry smells funny or your white garments are not so white, then check out these simple tips for cleaning and maintaining your washing machine.

1. Start with the detergent drawer

The detergent drawer is a breeding ground for germs, built up washing powder and mould. It is that tiny container which holds the detergent for cleaning your garments that could be the culprit for your less-than-clean laundry.

To start with, remove the drawer and soak it in warm soapy water. If you are unsure on how to remove the drawer, check machine’s manual for advice. Then using an old toothbrush, scrub the soap or mould built in it. Rinse it fully and dry it out with a kitchen rag. Before putting it back inside, don’t forget to clean the cavity too.

2. Clean the drum

There are some crevices in your washing machine that might still have germs that are simply resting and growing. The most advisable thing to do is to run an empty wash every alternate month. You can use dishwasher tablets and run the machine on a hot wash that would kill germs, cease scum build up and rinse off odours.

3. Clear the filter

The filter is generally found below the drum door and is responsible for stopping lint and other filth from reaching the pump. It’s the chief place in the washing machine that collects germs. You need to regularly wipe off the dirt and fuzz stuck to it. You require checking the machine’s manual on how to remove the cover that is fixed and to remove the filter as well. You might need to place a bowl on a towel rag below it to grab the leaks from the drain.


4. Restrain odours

You might be greeted by bad odours when you open the machine door. This unpleasant smell is due to the moist state of the washing machine that has just been done running. This condition is ideal for mould to build. To control such bad odours, it is necessary to leave the machine door open after few washes for air circulation. This helps to restrain germs from building and helps with the moist smells.

5. Clean the gaskets and the door seals

Probably the best way to clear this area would be to soak and pack some towels in the gasket cavity with vinegar. This will help to loosen up the mould or grit. After an hour or so, wipe off the gasket and the seals and scrub off the residue with an old toothbrush.

blo Interestingly, detergents and liquid softeners have an influence over the bad odours and the built up mould in the machine. Apparently, we only think of the quality of detergents and liquids in terms of how they will affect our clothes. These foamy detergents and liquids lead up to residues in the form of mould.

6. Quick hacks for a healthy washing machine

  • Always wipe off any extra dirt on the clothing before putting it in for wash.
  • Use a water softener or softener tablet in the wash to minimize the building of lime scale mould.

Or sit back and relax! Let a professional house cleaner do such draining tasks for you!