Cleaning up London

Keep your home tidy for longer!


It’s an amazing feeling coming home to a sparkling home. You feel proud, relaxed and simply happier. That’s the feeling you get when you’ve hired a professional cleaner!

Unfortunately, however hiring a cleaner every day can become quite expensive. So, does that mean you shouldn’t come back to a clean home? Definitely not! Here are a few tips and tricks that can keep your home tidier for longer!

  1. Make your bed as soon as you get up! This will increase productivity levels along with giving your bedroom a cleaner look.
  1. Hang Towels on the bars and robes on the hook! Having everything in place provides a more organised feeling for your home.
  1. Have a dedicated laundry hamper for each person! One hamper is simply not enough. Multiple laundry hampers mean that your home will never be overrun with dirty clothes.
  1. Empty to your dishwasher while you brew your coffee! Instead of just waiting for the coffee, use the time in the morning productively to empty the dishwasher. This way you won’t dread doing it when you get home.
  1. Immediately re-hang everything you wear! Coming back from work and simply throwing the clothes on the bed results in a messy look to your home. So, just hang your jacket or your coat in your closet, it only takes a minute!
  1. Wipe counter tops and cooking area! These tend to get dirty very fast. A simple wipe each night before you go to bed can do wonders in terms of cleanliness.


All these tips and more should help you survive until your next session with your professional cleaner!