Money can buy Time


The age old saying “Time is money” has never been more true than it is the 21st century. The long hours at work may result in increasing levels of income but what about the level of happiness. Recent studies indicate that there is a greater increase in happiness from free time than there is from material goods. I.e. People spending money to free up their time report a higher level of satisfaction than those who spend on material things such as books or clothes.

According to the research conducted, spending up to £30 a week to help free time alleviates stress and results in a happier lifestyle. Paying people to do chores such as cleaning for you is still quite uncommon but if the research is anything to go by, that is the best place to spend those £30.

Many have lived by the saying “Time is money”, but maybe it’s time to adopt the another one; “Money can buy time” and as a result happiness. So, we highly recommend giving it a try. A stress-free weekend might just be exactly what you need.