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The Best Posts of 2018


With the New Year fast approaching, TidyChoice presents the top three posts of 2018! Looking back over the year, we have gathered our most popular posts and they all offer great practical advice on cleaning and housekeeping.

We are looking forward to bringing you many more unique and useful domestic tips in 2019, to help keep your home clean and tidy all year round!


Secrets for a Sparklingly Clean Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most-hated domestic chores in the UK. However, these great tips are sure to make cleaning the bathroom easier and less tiresome.  From scrubbing the tiles, to polishing the sink, find out the secrets behind how professional cleaners leave our bathrooms both sparkling and spotless.

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Salt Cleans What?

Salt is a natural substance with endless domestic cleaning possibilities!  Salt can help to restore sponges, clean lipstick stains from glassware and even clear drains. As salt is a household staple, it can be a great low-cost and practical solution if you are running low on shop-bought products. Find out more about how salt can become your favourite eco-friendly cleaner!

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The Ultimate Laundry Guide 

Are you ever unsure what the best temperature is to wash your coat on or how often your curtains should really be cleaned?

If so, be sure to check out this engaging infographic, which provides information on washing bedding, towels, curtains, suits and much more! For each different item it offers top washing tips, laundry do’s and don’ts and how often the item should be washed. It truly is the ultimate guide for all household laundry!

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