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Want a pay rise? Read this now!

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Everyone wants to earn more and get a pay rise. As an independent cleaner there is an easy way to do this.

Dozens of cleaners on our platform are fully booked and earn high rates per hour. Their secret? Lots of positive customer reviews. The more reviews you have the easier it is to get bookings at a higher rate.

Why do customers pay more for cleaners with lots of reviews? Because they want experienced, trustworthy professionals with a good track record. They will pay a premium for the best professional and rely on customer reviews.

So how do you get good customer references? Firstly, you need to get some customers that can give you a reference. We suggest starting with a competitive rate of £8.50-9.50/hour to get those initial customers. The best rate depends on your profile, area and the number of references you have.

After each session we request a review from the customer. You can ask your customers to reply to our requests once you have got to know them.

You can compare your number of reviews and rates to other cleaners in your area. Simply enter your postcode on the website and do a dummy search to see a list of cleaners. You can then compare your reviews and rates to theirs. Getting a few more reviews can make a big difference. If they have a lot more reviews than you, you can decrease your rate in My Preferences to get more bookings. A slightly lower rate can make a big difference in getting bookings.

Cleaners at TidyChoice earn more per hour than with agencies. There are no joining fees or subscription fees and you earn your hourly rate in full.