Cleaning up London

Housekeeper Of The Week: 20th April 2020


Cintia is our Housekeeper of the Week! She prides herself on always working safely and in an organised manner! If you need a reliable housekeeping service in Woolwich or other areas of South East London, Cintia is a great fit for you.

Here's what some of her clients had to say:

"Cintia has been working for me since 2014. My son was younger then and she helped me look after him as well dealing with the house work. She has always been very professional and caring. She doesn’t mind doing a bit extra to leave my home tidy and clean, I can always count on her, anything I ask she will do and I wouldn’t change her for anybody."

"Cintia is a trustworthy person, she cleans very well and she is a wonderful person."

Check out her profile if you'd like to arrange a booking.