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Keeping Your Household Safe During Lockdown


As we enter the fourth week of “lockdown”, we thought it might be helpful to provide reminders and tips on keeping safe and healthy. We include reminders of Government restrictions and guidance because it is easy to forget as demonstrated in this video.
Lockdown FAQs
The Government has provided a helpful dos and don’ts FAQ page. The page deals with the practicalities of life under “lockdown”, such as visiting dentists, dog-walking, driving to parks etc.
Staying home and social distancing
The full rules and restrictions can be found here. You can only leave home for shopping for basic necessities, one form of exercise a day, any medical needs or travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home.
Social distancing measures help reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). There is comprehensive guidance for everyone on this page
Protecting yourself and staying well
The NHS provides the best advice on staying safe on this page. There is also good advice on looking after your physical and mental wellbeing.
We also liked these tips from The Guardian on how to safely shop for food.
If you are symptomatic
If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature and/or new and continuous cough), self-isolate at home for 7 days. You can find more information here
Protecting your household
It is important to keep your house clean and sanitised during the lockdown period. We have provided guidance on best practice to protect against Coronavirus. You can find the guidance here
Cleaners can work in your home in accordance with Government guidelines here
Maintaining your wellbeing whilst indoors
It is important to keep exercising and active whilst at home. Youtube has created playlists to help you do just that. Work out with me is a playlist that contains workouts you can do at home without needing any equipment. After exercising, Cook with me contains a few delicious recipes that will help you recover your energy after a good workout. Also on Youtube, Draw with me will teach you the art of drawing completely for free! You can find many content creators that joined the initiative by searching the hashtag #WithMe on social media platforms.
On Instagram, many studios such as Barry's Bootcamp, Psycle and 1Rebel are hosting live classes multiple times per day. You can find a more comprehensive list here.