How long does it take to clean a house



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We all have homes to clean.  But how long should it actually take to clean a house? How long should we spend cleaning each room? Our article provides answers to help you plan your house cleaning and to save you time! 

Factors influencing time to clean your house

How long it takes to clean your home depends on several factors, such as the size of your home, its condition, when you last cleaned it, the amount of furniture and carpets you have and the type of cleaning you plan on doing.

Maintenance vs. deep cleaning

Maintenance cleaning consists of house cleaning tasks you do on a regular basis. The main purpose behind these cleanings is to keep your home in a clean condition that meets your day-to-day standards. 

Deep cleaning is more extensive and thorough than maintenance cleanings. They involve additional tasks such as cleaning out cabinets and shelves, vacuuming your carpets under furniture and cleaning appliances. 

After a deep clean, maintenance...

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