How to clean a kitchen



We have created the definitive guide to cleaning kitchens. We share expert advice on cleaning frequency, supplies, methodologies and techniques. In this article you will learn: 

1. Why do you need to clean your kitchen?

2. How often should you clean your kitchen?

3. What cleaning materials are needed?

4. What is the optimal methodology for cleaning kitchens

5. How to clean your kitchen appliances

  • Cleaning a microwave
  • Cleaning a toaster
  • Cleaning a coffee machine
  • Cleaning a stovetop
  • Cleaning a refrigerator
  • Cleaning a dishwasher
  • Cleaning an oven

6. How to clean your kitchen sink and bin

7. How to clean your kitchen floor

  • How to clean laminate floors
  • How to clean hardwood floors
  • How to clean tiled floors
  • How to clean vinyl floors

1. Why do you need to clean your kitchen?

We believe that the kitchen is the most important room in the home. The kitchen is the heart of any home. It's where we cook and eat, gather with friends and family, and spend quality time...

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In this article, we share a step-by-step guide on how to clean your fridge, prevent it from smelling and protect your food from harmful bacteria.

From milk spills and funky odours to jars sticking to the glass shelves, fridges can soon start to look messy and release unpleasant odours. Cleaning is your best bet for preventing icky smells and spread of germs. 

Empty the fridge

Before cleaning the fridge, take the food out and set aside two areas for setting items down: one area for anything that is expired and another area for items that need to be put back into the fridge.  

Take all your shelves and drawers out

Next, switch off the appliance, let it come to room temperature and remove interior shelving, drawers and door racks. Wipe the surface of each shelf with a sponge dipped into a solution of hot water and liquid dish soap. If there are spills or food build-up that are harder to clean up, soak the shelf or drawer in the sink for a few minutes. Rinse with water...

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Congratulations to Silviya! She beat hundreds of housekeepers across the whole of London to win this year’s Housekeeper of the Year award and a £150 prize.

Every year TidyChoice celebrates the most skilful, competent and reliable cleaner in our Housekeeper of the Year Award. Customers were asked to nominate their housekeeper for the award. 

We received a huge response in recognition of the valuable work that house cleaners do across the city. Silviya received the most votes from customers and got some amazing comments from her customers.

We are delighted to give the award to Silviya who is a very worthy winner. We spoke to her shortly after presenting her with the award.

How did you feel when you found out you had won the competition?

I was very excited to have won the Housekeeper of the Year 2021 award. I am thankful to all my customers who nominated me.

You got huge support from your customers who are clearly very happy with you. What is your secret?

I truly love...

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  1. Hourly cleaning rates in London


UK house cleaning prices have been increasing. How much does a cleaner cost per hour in the UK?

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of domestic cleaning prices in the UK. We have conducted the most comprehensive analysis of domestic cleaning prices in the UK. We conducted our own proprietary research to establish the cost of hiring a cleaner in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol. We also tracked how home cleaning  prices have evolved in recent years.

As well as our own proprietary analysis, we summarised pricing information from third-party sources in the appendix. However, this information is more anecdotal in nature than analytical.


We focused our analysis on the leading cleaning service providers in London. As market share and revenue data is not readily available, we identified the leading players by their organic search engine ranking and by estimating their online marketing spend. 


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Clean Your Floors Day


Today is Clean Your Floors Day! Floors take the greatest amount of wear and tear in our homes. Allowing your floors to get too dirty can cause them damage but also spread dirt around the house. Here, we have teamed up with Stories Flooring to share our top tips on how to keep your floor looking spic and span.

How to clean wood floors naturally

Cleaning floors with vinegar is eco-friendly and cost-effective. It is also one of the best ways to get the job done. We Buy Any House suggest that before you start mopping, you need to make sure you have removed furniture, appliances and other objects that might be damaged by water.

Add ½ cup white vinegar to a gallon of warm water in a bucket. Place your mop in the bucket and wring it out to remove the excess water. Work your way toward a door, mopping in a circular or side-to-side direction. Once you have mopped the floor thoroughly, empty the bucket and refill it with clean, warm water. Go back over the floor once...

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Why you need to clean your home workplace


As many companies adopt a permanent transition to remote working, employees are spending more time at home. Home cleaning and decluttering have become more important than ever. Keyboard, mouse and phone contain high levels of bacteria that pose a risk to health. We created a handy infographic showing the importance of keeping your home workplace clean.

The average keyboard and phone have 3.5 million and 1.6 million bacteria per square inch, respectively. By comparison, the toilet harbours about 3.2 million bacteria per square inch. Pathogens like MRSA could survive for up to 180 days on hard surfaces, while other common but less deadly pathogens, such as flu can survive for 24 hours. 

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International Bath Day


Today we celebrate the International Bath Day. As one of the most used rooms in the house, bathrooms are a magnet for mildew, grime, germs, not to mention stubborn stains caused by hard water or rust. Keeping your bathroom clean is important for your physical and mental wellbeing. Here are our top tips on how to keep your bath squeaky clean.

How to clean the bathtub

Bathtubs capture dirt easily which makes them the perfect place for bacterial infections. To start, warm up the surface to help loosen any gunk or stains.

When you have the surface preheated, you can begin cleaning. Mix equal parts of white wine vinegar and water in a plastic spray bottle. After applying the solution, let it sit for 15 minutes and wipe it away with a clean cloth.

To get rid of the horrible smells and stubborn stains, sprinkle the bath with baking soda and spray on the cleaning solution. After leaving the paste for 15 minutes, wipe it away and rinse clean.

How to clean the bath drain

Cleaning a bathtub...

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How to Overcome the Challenges of Remote Recruitment and Onboarding


Companies are taking different approaches on how far and how quickly they shift staff back to the office from home-working. There is some evidence that working from home has increased productivity and job satisfaction. In addition, many people express a preference for working from home which could also save companies substantial office costs. For these reasons, it is likely that working from the kitchen table will be a lasting trend.

Remote working brings challenges in recruiting and engaging new staff and making them part of a team. We published a new article on how best to adapt to remote recruitment and onboarding which you can find here. We are prolific recruiters of home care professionals and share our top tips for remote interviews, recruitment, onboarding and engagement.

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Stress Awareness Month: How cleaning can help your stress levels










It is timely that April is Stress Awareness Month. After a year in a global pandemic, the strain of repeated lockdowns and uncertainties have increased stress and impacted mental wellbeing. However, stress can be controlled in our daily lives. In this article, we look at the connection between a clean house and mental health and how cleaning can help stress levels.

Clutter increases stress

Because of lockdowns and working from home, we are spending most of our time stuck at home. Over the past year, 74% of UK adults have experienced problems with mental or emotional pressure. Researchers have found that clutter and mess are strongly associated with increasing stress and anxiety. According to a study clutter starts with loosing pens and papers, filling your desk with unnecessary clutter and leads to low quality work environment and increased anxiety levels.

Over 82% of Brits’ mood is impacted by clutter in some way....

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Trends in the UK house cleaning industry


In this article we review cleaning trends in the UK house cleaning sector. We examine growth trends in the UK domestic cleaning services industry.


The UK domestic cleaning industry market has grown at an impressive pace in recent years with a 21% increase in turnover between 2013 and 2020. Structural and secular trends have driven strong growth. However, the cleaning sector, along with the rest of the UK economy is facing a number of challenges from the impact of COVID-19, Brexit and a likely economic recession. 

In the first part of this article, we examine the factors driving recent growth in the sector. In the second part, we examine the impact of COVID-19 on demand for home cleaning services. Finally, we explore the outlook for the sector and consider the potential impact of COVID-19, Brexit and an economic recession on domestic cleaning in the UK.


1) Growth in the UK house cleaning market 


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry...

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How large is the UK cleaning industry?



The UK cleaning industry is enormous and makes an important contribution to the UK economy. This article takes an in-depth look into the sector.

In the first part of this article we provide an overview of the size and structure of the overall UK cleaning industry. In the second section, we outline the growth in the sector and analyse growth drivers. Finally, we do a deep dive on the cleaning activities sub-sector which includes domestic cleaning.

Most of the data in this article is from 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the UK economy as a whole, including the cleaning sector. In a separate article, we explore structural trends in the sector and the likely impact of Covid-19. 

(A) Overview of the UK cleaning industry

Size and importance of the UK cleaning industry

According to recent data from the BCC (British Cleaning Council), the cleaning industry contributes £55.5 billion to the UK economy every year. For comparison, this figure is...

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How home cleaning changed during lockdown





Before the lockdown

We first heard about coronavirus in early January. We began to take serious notice on 23rd January when the Chinese government locked down Wuhan province. As the first cases were identified in the UK, we began to seriously think about the implications of a lockdown on the UK domestic cleaning sector. We have hundreds of independent cleaners using our platform. Would home cleaners be able to go to work? Would cleaners be able to support themselves?

House cleaners permitted to work during lockdown

We were expecting some form of lockdown before Boris Johnson made his announcement on 23rd March 2020. After the announcement, we read and reread the rules and government guidance.

There was no specific guidance on working in people’s homes. The government rules said that you could leave home if you...

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COVID-19 service update


On Sunday 10th May the prime minister sketched out his three-step "roadmap" to bring us out of lockdown. 

Cleaners are permitted to work. See our guidelines

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The UK Cleaning Industry


Each year, the British Cleaning Council produces a report on the UK cleaning industry. The cleaning sector is often overlooked so it is great that this report champions the vital services provided to UK workplaces, hospitals, schools, public spaces and homes.

The most striking aspect of the report is the sheer size of the sector. The cleaning sector contributes £55.5 billion to the UK economy and employs 1.6 million people. The British Cleaning Council divides the industry into four sub-sectors: Cleaning activities, Facilities management, Waste and resource management and Landscape service activities.

We have created a summary infographic to highlight the most important data. We have focused on the Cleaning activities sub-sector and summarised the key trends in commercial and domestic cleaning.

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Keeping Your Household Safe During Lockdown


As we enter the fourth week of “lockdown”, we thought it might be helpful to provide reminders and tips on keeping safe and healthy. We include reminders of Government restrictions and guidance because it is easy to forget as demonstrated in this video.
Lockdown FAQs
The Government has provided a helpful dos and don’ts FAQ page. The page deals with the practicalities of life under “lockdown”, such as visiting dentists, dog-walking, driving to parks etc.
Staying home and social distancing
The full rules and restrictions can be found here. You can only leave home for shopping for basic necessities, one form of exercise a day, any medical needs or travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home.
Social distancing measures help reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). There is comprehensive guidance for everyone on this page
Protecting yourself and staying well
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Home And Garden Cleaning Projects For The Long “Lockdown” Weekend



white over-the-range oven




Ultimate long weekend cleaning projects 






To help make the most of your time during the four day “lockdown” over Easter, we have compiled a list of cleaning projects. We will admit that at first glance they don’t seem like a lot of fun, but you will feel so good when you finish them and experience the results! To ensure we were giving you the best advice possible, we asked some domestic cleaners in Hampstead to run through their best ideas. Additional input came from someone who is, in our opinion, the best cleaner in Tottenham. Here's what they had to say!  

High touch areas 

In busy households, high touch areas require frequent cleaning to stop the spread of germs and viruses. Around the house, this includes light switches, door and cabinet handles, hand-rails, table and countertops, remote controls as well as all bathroom surfaces. Your personal electronic devices,...

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Useful Business Resources



We share some of the best sources of business information relating to the Covid-19 crisis. We also cover Government support for employees, the self-employed and businesses as well as working from home. We hope that you find these resources useful in navigating through these uncertain times.  

Helpful resources for small businesses 

For small businesses like this one, there are some very helpful people out there providing useful, up to date information.  

The British Chambers of Commerce have created their own hub available here, with advice on business planning, remote working and FAQs. Be the Business offers a similar resource here. 

The Institute for Chartered Accountants in England and Wales have written comprehensive guidance and illustrations on furloughing staff and claiming CJRS here as...

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Update On Our Services During The "Lockdown" Period.

We continue to monitor Government policy and take appropriate actions. Last Friday, the Government clarified that cleaners can work in people's homes as long as they are well and adhere to Public Health England guidelines. They are permitted to travel to and from work.
Cleaners on our platform are available to work and have been instructed on best practice guidelines. We have also introduced extra safety and cleaning measures to protect themselves and customers. Nonetheless, we request that cleaning sessions only go ahead if essential. This is to prevent the potential spread of Coronavirus during the "lockdown" period.
You can find more information on our service during the "lockdown" period on our website here.
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School Closures And Your Cleaning Sessions

As you know UK schools will be closed from Friday the 20th of March. We understand the difficulty that many people will have in finding childcare at such notice. This could affect you or your cleaner. We have informed cleaners that some customers may have their children at home whilst schools are closed. We have asked them for understanding and forbearance during this time.

It is possible that your cleaner may need to look after their children. They may contact you to reschedule sessions. Please be as flexible as possible. If it is not possible to find a convenient solution, please let us now and we will arrange a replacement.
As well as everyday actions recommended by the NHS, we have given additional instructions to cleaners.
  • Carry and regularly use alcohol-based hand rub
  • Regularly sanitise your mobile phone
  • Where feasible, keep a distance of at least 1 metre with all people you come into contact with and refuse handshakes
  • Check your body temperature in the...
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How To Keep Your House Clean From Coronavirus



The worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus or COVID-19 is escalating in many countries. It is likely that COVID-19 will become much more widespread in London.  

In addition to best practice as recommended by WHO, we want to share some useful information about keeping surfaces clean at home to protect your household from illness. This is a time to maintain high standards of cleaning at home. We asked some professional domestic cleaners in Twickenham and an experienced housekeeper in Kilburn to help us compile some essential cleaning tips to keep yourself protected from COVID-19.

Everyday preventive actions 

The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. As a reminder, it is recommended to take everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, including:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick 

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth 

  • Stay home when you are sick. The...

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Results Of Our Survey


We surveyed over 3,000 cleaners on our database to find out what cleaners really think about their customers. We discussed the cleanest habits, the worst habits and their view on people’s overall attitudes towards cleaning. We want to understand the cleaner’s perspective and get insights that might help us improve the service for both cleaners and customers.

The great news is that 98% of our cleaners felt valued and respected by their clients. In addition, 85% of cleaners said that their clients were lean and tidy. This indicates to us that relationships between customers and cleaners are generally very good.

We then asked about client cleaning habits to see if there are any ways that we can help cleaners in their jobs. According to respondents in our survey, 56% of householders do very little or no cleaning between scheduled sessions. It seems that some customers could help cleaners do a better job by doing some tidying up...

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Housekeeper of the Year 2019


Maria Helena with TidyChoice team

Congratulations to Maria Helena! She trumped hundreds of housekeepers across the whole of London to win this year’s Housekeeper of the Year award and a £150 prize.

Customers were asked to nominate their housekeeper for the award. We received a huge response in recognition of the valuable work that house cleaners do across the city. Maria Helena received the most votes from customers and got outstanding reviews.

We spoke to Maria Helena when she came to our offices to collect the award.

How did you feel when you found out you had won the competition?

I was very surprised and very happy! I remember reading about last year’s winner, Bilyana and wishing that it could be me one day. I am very pleased to win this award.

You got huge support from your customers who are clearly very happy with you. What is your secret?

I really enjoy the work which is why I give it my best. I like and respect my customers and treat their home as I do my own. I am not perfect but if I...

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Best Cleaning Service in London 2019


best house cleaning services

We are delighted and honoured to be included in the 2019 list of The Best Cleaning Services in London.

Unlike cleaning agencies on the list, with TidyChoice you can select the cleaner that suits you best and book them in real time online. To see who is available in your area, please visit our homepage.

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Are you scared of the Halloween clean-up?


We hope that you have a great Halloween with the kids trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, attending or hosting Halloween parties and lighting bonfires.  It is a fun time of year but can also be a messy one for your house!

We have compiled a list of cleaning tricks and treats to help you solve the stickiest and scariest cleaning problems. Enjoy our seasonable guide.

Pumpkin stains on floor and carpet

Carving pumpkin is not only a hard thing to do, but also a very messy one. If you decide to do everything in your kitchen, the best tip would be to lay down a newspaper under the pumpkin. This would make the cleaning much easier and less tricky. 

If you have pumpkin stains on the floor or the carpet, we have a solution. Firstly, immediately remove any pumpkin pulp that you see on the floor. You don’t want it to dry out as it would be harder to clean. 

If you have pumpkin stains on any carpeted area, there are a couple of steps you...

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Overview of the UK cleaning sector



Figures provided by the British Cleaning Council (“BCC”) show that the cleaning industry contributes over £55.5 billion to the UK economy. The BCC commissioned market research company, Firedog to compile a report on the industry.

Since 2013, turnover from the sector has increased by 30%, which is higher than the turnover for the whole economy, which has increased by 13%.

As well as making a significant contribution to the UK economy, the cleaning industry also employs over 970,000 people. Wage growth in the sector is higher than the national average, with a growth of 6.4% compared to a national average of 2.3%.

The report also shows that the number of foreign-born workers in the industry is higher than the national average with 41% of the general cleaning subsector being foreign-born compared to an average of 17% across the UK workforce.


Global themes in technology and the environment are...

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Trends in net migration



Around 60% of cleaners active on our platform are from overseas with around one third of the total from EU countries. For instance, Angela works at TidyChoice and is a professional cleaner based in Crouch End, however she is origionally from Romania. Consequently, net migration is critically important to our business and to the cleaning sector as a whole. 

Overall net migration

According to latest report from the Office for National Statistics published in August 2019, an estimated 226,000 moved to the UK than left for the year ending March 2019 (612,000 people immigrated and 385,000 people emigrated). This is down 12 per cent from prior period driven by the lowest level of EU migrants in six years.

Since the end of 2016, overall immigration, emigration and net migration have remained broadly stable. However, the overall figures disguise marked differences in EU and non-EU migration patterns.

Rise and fall of EU migration

EU immigration rose to peak in the year...

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4 Great back-to-school cleaning tips


As stationery and uniforms take over the aisles of supermarkets, the realisation is starting to set in that the summer holidays are nearing a close. With only a handful of weeks to go before your early mornings involve frantic morning drop-offs and journeys to work, one dreaded task may be on your mind. The post summer clean up. 

While it was fun to enjoy the days with your children at home, the time has come to get your home shipshape before you are back to your familiar routine. Here we give some great cleaning tips before your kids head off back to school.

Get organised

It’s normal for kids to ask for a lot of things before they go back to school. New shoes, lunchboxes, jumpers and stationery are just some of the many demands that children make at this time of year. 

But before buying anything new for your children, check what they already have. Any worn out clothes or supplies can be thrown away but be sure not to buy items that your children simply don’t...

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11 Great ways to celebrate Family Day in London


International day of families, as proclaimed by the United Nations, is observed on 15th May every year.

To help you celebrate the occasion, we have some great suggestions for the whole family to enjoy.

1.  HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast is Europe’s only surviving Second World War cruises. It has a combination of activities for all the family members. You can explore its 9 decks and the operations room that allows you to plot your own course. The audio guide gives a captivating feel of the ship during its turbulent time in the past.

HMS Belfast entry: FREE with the London Explorer Pass. Adult from £15.45, kids £7.70, includes audio guide

Open: March – October: 10-6pm

Tube: London Bridge

2. Sea life Centre

Who is not astonished by the great marine life? This is a must see destination for the family. Sea life has the spectacular Shark Reef Encounter that can be viewed with other magnificent creatures through a glass walkway!

Sealife Centre London family...

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Booking a cleaner several days a week just got easier


For those households that need help more than just once week, TidyChoice is now enabling to book online an independent cleaner for several days a week.

The booking process is as easy as 1-2-3. It can be done online using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Customers select when they want a professional more than once a week!



They can easily check the availability of the housekeepers working in their neighbourhood:


And finally they select the exact dates and times during the week they want the cleaner to come by their place.

The whole process does not take more than a few minutes.

“We understand how difficult it is to find a trusted professional on a regular weekly basis. Furthermore, hiring somebody once a week does not provide enough support for some households. Our booking website now allows families to check the availability of local professionals and to book them easily for several days per week” says Colin Weston, CEO of...

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Household Items that You Should Start Cleaning


Everyone knows that they have to eventually wash their dishes if they want something to put their food on. Hopefully, they also dust, vacuum, mop the floor and clean their bathrooms habitually. However, besides these common cleaning tasks, many items requiring sanitary attention are left dirty in houses. We may believe that these items are not meant to be cleaned, or the idea of washing them may simply not have ever come into our mind.

Today, TidyChoice’s blog introduces our readers to a list of household items that you should start considering including in your cleaning routines as well as some tips on how to go about cleaning them.

1. Rubbish Bin

It’s one of those things that we avoid touching whenever possible. However, leaving it uncleaned would just make it dirtier, smellier, and more harmful to your health over time.

If you are courageous enough to clean your bin, here are some tips on how to go about doing it:

  1. Put on a...
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International Women’s Day: Is there still a housework gender gap?


Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is dedicated to celebrating the amazing achievements of women around the world, from politicians and businesswomen, to all of the great women in our own lives.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter, which reminds us that today is also an opportunity to support the campaigns for greater gender equality.

Whilst campaigns striving to close the gender pay gap and promote greater equality in the workplace tend to receive much attention, the inequality in our own homes is often overlooked!

So, we have decided to mark this important date by highlighting the realities of the housework gender gap.

Who cleans most in your home?

In the 1960s women did at least 85% of the housework almost everywhere in the world! Luckily, we have come a long way since then, but women are still doing the bulk of the chores.

In fact, according to a recent study by Oxford University’s Centre for Time...

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Brexit Deal or No Deal: What happens to your cleaner?


Will cleaning services in London be impacted by Brexit?

There are over 3.5 million EU nationals currently living in the UK. What happens if they decide to leave post-Brexit? Will the economy shrink? A no-deal Brexit could trigger a UK recession but we only really start thinking about it when we are impacted personally.

My housekeeper keeps my home from descending into chaos and I would be devastated to lose her! With the deadline only 35 days away, we wanted to know what EU cleaners and housekeepers would do in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

We surveyed over 3,000 cleaning and child care professionals on our database to understand their feelings towards Brexit and their intentions post-Brexit.


Key survey findings

Only 13% of cleaners say that they would leave the UK over a no-deal Brexit but a further 34% said that would leave if their earnings were impacted. Housekeepers that have lived in the UK for more than five years are more likely to stay regardless of what...

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How to Stick to Your New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions


2019 is here and the annual tradition of setting New Year’s Resolutions and vowing to break bad habits has begun!

The new year is the perfect time to start afresh and set yourself a few personal goals. This year, why not try setting some resolutions for your home too? From monthly decluttering, to cleaning the fridge once a week, these can be a great way to improve your family’s wellbeing and the general cleanliness of your home.

Once you have decided on your resolutions, the hard part is sticking to them! By late February, many of us begin to lose motivation.

Make this year different – we have gathered six tips that are sure to make your New Year’s cleaning resolutions a success!

1. Keep it simple

It is easy to get carried away when making resolutions, especially when filled with the optimism and determination of the new year. In reality, establishing new cleaning habits will take time and willpower. So, the best approach is to settle for a few, simple...

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Interview with Bilyana: Home Care Professional of the Year 2018


Bilyana (left) accepting her award from TidyChoice co- founder Ana (right)


The Home Care Professional of the Year Award celebrates the most skilful, professional and reliable housekeepers and child carers. The 2018 winner, Bilyana, received the most votes from customers and outstanding reviews.

We spoke to Bilyana to find out why her customers love her so much.


Hi Bilyana, congratulations on winning our Home Care Professional of the Year award 2018! 


How did you feel when you found out you had won the competition?

Absolutely thrilled and surprised! (laughs) When they called me and said I was a winner, I couldn’t believe it, because I am not a lucky person.

When I told my husband that somebody had called me and told me about this award, he said are you sure? (laughs)  Nobody believed it because I never win anything!


You certainly deserved this award because all of your customers voted for you! What do you think makes you good at doing the...

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Is your home ready for Christmas?


With Christmas less than three weeks away, festive preparations can seem daunting. How do you get your home ready in time for visiting friends and family?

To enjoy a stress-free Christmas, we have compiled our top six ways to get your home clean and ready for this festive season. These quick and easy tips will leave you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the festivities with your loved ones.


1. Make a great first impression

To make a great first impression greet your guests with a welcoming, clean and clutter-free hallway.

Begin by clearing clutter from the hallway, such as coats, umbrellas and shoes. This will not only create a clean and open entrance but will importantly make space for your guest’s extra coats and shoes.

Shoes are often the biggest culprit for bringing dirt and mud into the house. To keep your home clean invest in a new outdoor mat. Why not buy a Christmas mat to help give your guests a festive welcome!


2. Declutter your house to prepare...

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Salt cleans what?


The Salt Institute recorded 14,000 ways salt can be used. It just might be the most versatile mineral. Salt though abrasive actually works as an effective cleaning agent. Combined with other ingredients it can serve multiple purposes and become a regular cleaning solution. A simple paste of salt, baking soda and dish soap can make the dirtiest appliances crystal clean. Here are some ways salt can become your favourite eco-friendly cleaner.

Restores a sponge
Problem: Ratty, broken down sponge.
Solution: Leave the sponge overnight in a mix of ¼c of salt and 1q hot water, in the morning it’s restored.

Removes lipstick marks from glassware
Problem: Girlfriend left her ruby red on your wine glass.
Solution: Rub the lipstick stained glass with salt, wash the glass as  usual.

Clean cast iron pans
Problem: Burnt bottom of your frittata left in the skillet.
Solution: Grab 1c coarse salt and pour it into a warm skillet, use a folded kitchen towel to scour the pan,...

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Don’t leave your cleaner for a robot


In the past few years companies have developed more efficient ways to clean our homes. There are now more robotic cleaners than ever before! You have the robot vacuum cleaner, the robot mop, and even the robot window cleaner, that’s a lot of robots for one household. Now I know most people think well if they can cut down on the time it takes to clean their homes then the technological advancements might be worth the investment, but I wouldn’t rush to make that purchase just yet.

The surge of robotic cleaners has come with a price, a high price most robots starts at around £700 and yes they do call it an investment, but if your investment breaks you will be reconciling with your old cleaner to get your house up to par not to mention there have been various test that show the bots just cant catch them all.

No matter how great the cleaning-bot it will never provide the same satisfaction as our dear professionals. As a matter of fact, a robot will always need a human...

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A Peek into the Royal Childcare


Duchess Catherine and Prince William are welcoming their third royal baby. While they are busy taking care of the newborn prince, it’s a good time for us to peek into their ways of taking care of children.

Communication is key

The royal parents make sure that their children start networking when they are young. If the parents are away. They dedicate time for royal kids to interact and play with each other. If they are away, the royal nanny will be the one to talk and tell stories to little princes and princesses.


All royal mothers are required to breastfeed their royal babies. This is of course for the health of the babies. Even the Queen has breastfed her babies!

No nappies

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? The English royal family doesn’t use disposable nappies but fabric ones. This might be because they have time and effort to wash nappies and because this is a more eco-friendlier choice.

No trousers

Royal children only...

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Having Fun Painting Easter Eggs? Need Help To Remove Dye Stains?


Looking forward to painting some Easter eggs with your kids or friends during the Easter break? Easter egg dye can be rather painful if they stained your hands or your clothes. Here is the guide to remove these stains. The golden rule is to remove the stains as soon as you can. 

Firstly, here is a quick tip on preserving Easter eggs. Applying UV spray paint after each layer of dye helps to extend the lifespan of the dye on Easter eggs.

How to clean dye stains on your hands?

You can prevent stains by wearing rubber gloves. If you do get stains on your fingers, you should soak your hands in warm water as soon as possible. Then apply either a little scoop of baking soda and white vinegar or your toothpaste in your palm and gently rub against your hands. Don’t worry if the stains didn’t come off at once. They will, eventually.

On your clothes?

OK, this is the tough one. Please do not try to be fancy while painting...

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Feng Shui Basics for a More Harmonious Chinese New Year


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasises the importance of your surroundings in determining various aspects of your life, including your mental and physical health, success, relationships, and prosperity. Your home and how it is decorated are key to your life’s improvement.

The first step to increasing the flow of positive energy around your house is the removal of clutters. Through removing things that you do not use and making your home more spacious, you are removing obstacles that prevent chi from flowing freely around your residence. Moreover, as a byproduct of your de-cluttering labour, your house will look cleaner and tidier.

To introduce further positive energy into your home, allow your house to receive more fresh air and natural light. Make use of your windows, and open up your curtains a little bit more. Natural lights will help you see things more clearly, while also reducing the need to rely so much on electricity.

Mirrors, when...

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What to do with your child this February


Half-term is coming soon, and many children will surely want to do something special with their parents during their February holiday period. Therefore, in this post, we think that it would be a great to share our top five family activities that parents could do with their child in London this winter half-term.

1. Orchids Festival

From 10th February to 11th March 2018, Kew Gardens is bringing back its Orchids Festival to London for the 23rd year. Explore the magnificent and colourful tropical flowers in one of London’s best parks. Give yourself a chance to walk in the outdoors with your children, and have an educational experience learning more about the flowers’ use in Thai medicine and culinary culture.

2. Chinese New Year

The Year of the Dog is arriving on the 16th February, and it promises to be a great one. Enjoy the vivid and jubilant festivities marking the beginning of the new lunar year in Leicester Square. Then try some Chinese...

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New Year redecorating: small changes for a big difference in your home


Now that we’re in a new year it’s the ideal time to freshen things up in your home. You don’t have to spend fortunes as there is plenty that you can do yourself, including changing wall colours, moving things around and adding a few new furnishings. Let’s check how you can implement these small changes and a make a big difference in your home.

A splash of colour

Re-decorating is one of the best ways to completely change the look of your home, and you can do it yourself. Whether you want to freshen up your entire house, an individual room or just create a feature wall in your living room, a lick of paint can work wonders. Get some samples and try different shades out to see what you like and then get stuck in. Something that often puts people off painting is the lingering smell, but once you know how to get rid of paint smell you’ll be more than ready to get going.

Fresh soft furnishings

In the same way that painting a room can...

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Improve Your House’s Well-Being


2017 has ended and 2018 has arrived. The beginning of a new year is a great time for us to reevaluate our life choices and habits and start afresh. We may regret some past decisions or want to change our lifestyles. But among all the possible new year’s resolutions that you can think of, what are some of the things you could do to improve the well-being of your own house?

Keeping your house clean and tidy is not only good for the aesthetic presentation of your home. It is also beneficial for your mental and physical health. In an organised house, you will be able to find lost items more easily. In a properly cleaned home, you will also be less likely to catch illnesses or experience allergic reactions caused by germs and dust.

So what are some resolution ideas to improve the state of your home this new year?

  • Dust and hoover your house once a week

Dust does not only make your house look bad and cause allergic reactions. It can also...

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Pre-Christmas Decluttering: The Why and the How


Christmas is coming in less than two weeks, and many people are now in their full Christmas-preparation mode. However, besides doing your Christmas shopping and decorations, readers should consider adding a small but highly rewarding task to their festive to-do list. This extra task that we are referring to is pre-Christmas decluttering.

Why Declutter Pre-Christmas?

Christmas provides a perfect reason to declutter your house. As the holiday season arrives, you may be expecting many guests to visit your home. Cleaning your house thoroughly is not enough to present your living space to invitees in its most inviting state. Clean houses can still look messy and unorganised, and you don’t want guests to perceive your house that way. Pre-Christmas decluttering is the key to improving your home’s appearance through the removal of unnecessary items from your house.

Ensuring the organisation of rooms which guests will be making...

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How to add holiday breaks and other time off work onto the calendar


If  you are planning to take some time off work, you should do the following:

Inform all your regular customers about the dates and times that you will be not working

1. Go to My calendar

  • Desktop:

  • Phone:

2. Reschedule or cancel the sessions that were meant to happen during your time-off. Click here to see how


3. Click on the first day of your holiday break and select to Add Time off Work

  • Desktop:


  • Phone:



4. If you are going on holiday or have an appointment, select once as Frequency


5. Choose the date and time when you will start your holiday and the date and time when your holiday will finish

  • Desktop:


  • Phone:


If you have registered to a regular activity, you should select Mon to Fri, if it happens from Monday to Friday , Weekly or Fortnightly in Frequency

If you already know when this regular activity will...

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Preparing for the Halloween Clean-Up: What You Need to Know


Trick or Treat?

That is the phrase that is most associated with the Halloween season. However, do not get overjoyed by the nice little smiles directed at you by cute dressed-up children as they stand in front of your house asking for sweet treats. It is common knowledge that tricking is a relatively standard practice, even among the loveliest-looking zombie in town.

This October, TidyChoice’s blog brings you some advice on how to deal with the most scary thing about Halloween – the tricksters’ mess.


Eggs are among the most common instruments used by Halloween pranksters. When your house is egged, its wall will be left with a sticky liquid mess that requires special cleaning techniques to deal with.

To resolve this situation, clean the mess as soon as possible, as sunbaked yolks can easily stain your wall. Begin by applying warm water to the bottom of your siding and work upwards to the eggs’...

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Back to School: Wardrobe Wars


Part of going back to school may mean the age-old morning struggle of getting your children dressed in the morning. The budding fashionista may throw a tantrum if the outfit isn’t what she wanted or you might have a child that insists on wearing the same shirt day after day. Moreover, a child might even refuse to get dressed in the morning! This can throw the entire household into chaos.

Here are a few tried and tested methods to solve these problems:

  • Plan Ahead! Waiting to choose and outfit is a sure-fire way of failing. Pick out an outfit the night before and get it approved by your child. This will save you valuable time in the morning. You can eve spend some time on Sunday and make sure that the wardrobe for the coming week is sorted!
  • Allow the Children to choose! Giving your children the power to choose their own outfits minimises the morning chaos. It will save you time and won’t drive you insane in the morning. It may even help your child become more...
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Cleanest Boroughs of London


Considering its size, London is one of the cleanest cities in the world. At TidyChoice we are proud of this and, as a result, we have taken the liberty to list what we consider to be the cleanest boroughs of London.


Hackney is one of London’s cleanest boroughs because of its high cycling population. In 2014 more residents cycled to work than who drove. Additionally, more residents cycled to work than in any other London borough. This is because the area is very cycle-friendly. All Hackney’s residential streets are 20mph zones and pavement parking has been removed from over 60 streets in the borough. These factors along with many others have made cycling much safer and the environment much cleaner. At TidyChoice we are very impressed!


Croydon understands that first impressions matter. As a result, they have a zero tolerance policy to littering. In 2013/14 they spent £300k on cleaning-up fly-tips and picking-up 354kg of...

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How to reschedule or cancel personal appointments and holiday


To reschedule personal appointments or  holidays

1. Go to My Calendar


2. Click on the booking you would like to reschedule

3. Select Reschedule and Apply to from this date on (it will affect all future sessions)


4. Change the start and the end times of the jobs and click on Change


All future sessions will be updated automatically



To cancel personal appointments or  holidays

1. Click on the job you want to cancel (External jobs are in Blue – Personal Time is in Red)

2. Select from this date on in the Apply to field

3. Click on Delete

It is important to keep the calendar up to date, to make sure that you do not lose any jobs because your calendar does not show your current availability

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International Woman’s Day


This International Woman’s Day, we’re thanking the technology that launched the twentieth century women out of the private sphere of the home.

You might be surprised to hear that we don’t mean the megaphone.

Hoovers, and washing machines may be banal, but they radically transformed women’s lives. In 1965, the average woman spent 44 hours a week cleaning and managing the home. That’s easily the equivalent of a full time, and sadly unpaid, job. No holiday time, no sick pay – yikes. Today, thanks to technology, that’s now down to five and a half hours a week.

But is that too long? It’s still more than a man’s average of three and a half hours a week.

There’s certain influential female names that you’re bound to see a few times today, and one of those will be writer Virginia Woolf. She protested that “…a woman must have money and a room (with a lock and key) of her own.” Having an...

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The 7 Essential Scented Flowers For Their House and Garden This Mother’s Day


Whether you’re buying an armful of cut flowers in a bouquet or one to go in the garden now that the greenhouse has defrosted, scent is one of the biggest factor of why we buy flowers – not only do you bring something beautiful into your home, you get that natural essence that can’t be replicated out of a bottle.

Here at TidyChoice, we know people have pride in their homes, and so here are 7 flowering plants you can give this Mother’s Day to the special woman in your life to bring something special into her home and garden.

1. Roses (The Traditional.)

The classic choice. Our fascination with roses reaches back past the famous War of the Roses that shaped England, through time all the way to the Roman period where there were public rose gardens and even back beyond that, to their birth a staggering 25 million years ago.

The scent is complex and fascinating, and has even been linked to improve memory with a German study finding it increased...

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Breaking Bad (Habits) – Home Edition


January is the start of a fresh year, a time to be carving out new resolutions and breaking bad habits. In honour of this, here at TidyChoice HQ we’ve listed 3 common habits you should break right now for a cleaner, brighter 2016!

Bad habit 1 – Not cleaning your bath/shower sponges

Okay, many of us overlook this one, but leaving bath loofahs, poufs or sponges out in the bathroom after use is an absolute no-no. According to Dr Piliang of Cleveland Clinic, this only serves to harvest all that bacteria which thrives in moist, warm conditions. You should instead hang them in a cool, dry place and put them in the washing machine regularly. It’s advisable to replace bath sponges and natural loofahs every month and plastic loofahs every 2 months.


Bad habit 2 – Not changing the bed sheets regularly

Sometimes we might forget to change our sheets every now and again but at what cost? Not only do we sweat in our sleep, but other dirt,...

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Should we care if cleaners are paid fairly?


We spend billions on coffee and chocolate which can be considered luxuries. We don’t mind paying a little more to make sure that farmers and workers in less developed countries get paid fairly. The Fairtrade brand is hugely successful and is supported by millions of us when we do our shopping.

Paying someone to clean your home is also a luxury because it frees up our valuable time. Few of us give a thought as to whether or not our cleaner is being paid fairly. Some cleaners earn less than £6/hour, far below a fair rate for someone we trust and rely upon. Shouldn’t apply the same Fairtrade principle to trusted professionals working in our homes?

Most cleaning companies and agencies don’t pay cleaners fairly. In a recent article by the Independent, Ms Rojas, a professional cleaner, commented on the negative reaction from her employer when she asked to get her pay increased to the living wage: “My country is called a Third World country but there they...

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TidyChoice is a proud supporter of Social Enterprise UK


We are delighted to announce that we have joined Social Enterprise UK. We share SEUK’s vision of a world where social enterprise is the usual way of doing business. Social enterprises are businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment.

We, at TidyChoice, are committed to improving the lives of both our customers and the professionals that register on our website. It is important that home care professionals are fairly compensated for the hard work that they do. That is why professional registered in our platform choose their own hourly rates and we ensure that they are paid those rates in full. Customers are free to choose the cleaning professional that is just right for them.

As well as creating harmonious homes, TidyChoice aims to improve people’s lives and empower both customers and home care professionals. We hope to have a long-lasting, positive impact on communities.


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Back to School


The day has come to mourn the summer months and welcome this busy time back into our lives. Yes, it’s back to school!

With the infinite amount of tasks that need to be done, from buying new uniforms and planning lunchbox ideas, how does one have the time to think about domestic cleaning? Well, to start with we have composed a list of the three essential ‘to-dos’, if you may, that will ensure a smooth back to school transition.

  1. Lunchbox planning: to make life a little easier, prepare lunches the night before so they are packed and ready to go in the (way too) early mornings!

  2. Set bedtimes: not just for your nocturnal children, but for you as well! This will help you avoid the half-awake delirium that ensues forgetting to pack your children’s P.E kits!

  3. Be organised: in every sense of the word. By allocating a space for your children to dump their school bags, planning times for dinner and (the always dreaded) homework and by keeping your...

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Domestic Cleaning: The Gender Gap


How much cleaning have you done in your lifetime? Think about how much time you could get back when you find a professional home cleaner that’s right for you…

Although we’d all like to think that we have evolved into a world of gender equality, recent household cleaning statistics suggest otherwise. According to the Daily Mail, women spend over a year and a half of their life (12,896 hours) cleaning, tidying and maintaining their home. Men, on the other hand, get away with dedicating only half of that time (6,448 hours) to household chores. These figures should be no surprise given that 20% of men admit to never having thoroughly cleaned their home and 16% admit to leaving household responsibilities to their partners. Nevertheless, these statistics are frightening! Especially given the facts about UK homes covered in our previous blog post. As a nation, we need to change the way we approach domestic cleaning.

Stop cutting corners when keeping...

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Our Homes: The Dirty Truth


How clean do you think you are? Prepare yourselves for the less than tidy reality and consider professional home cleaning services…

Recent research conducted by Rug Doctor has revealed shocking truths about the cleanliness of our homes. A survey distributed to thousands of UK homeowners, indicates that although a whopping 90% of the population have carpeted homes, 44% people have never deep-cleaned their carpet. Alongside the survey, they swabbed 30 carpets to get some idea of what exactly gets under our rugs. The results were horrifying; they found traces of just about everything, ranging from human and animal faeces to pneumonia and E coli. Many of these bacteria have been carried into homes through shoes, which are then left to fester in carpets that have been neglected for far too long.

Despite people becoming aware of these horrors, 41% still have no intention of removing their footwear when they enter their homes. Paul Fildes from Rug Doctor is...

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Have no fear, TidyChoice is here!


Stranded by Homejoy? Worried about what to do for your next house cleaning?

When Homejoy ceases operations at the end of July, many customers will be left stranded. How could a big international cleaning agency like Homejoy suddenly go out of business?

Like most agencies, Homejoy cleaners are contracted by them rather than actually employed by them. Agents charge the customer a fixed amount and pay cleaners a percentage, sometimes only 60%, of the total amount. The problem is that agency cleaners are not truly independent and cannot choose their own rates or working conditions. Homejoy faced legal proceedings to classify their cleaners as employees, which would have increased their costs significantly. Consequently, they decided to cease operations. There is a risk that other cleaning agencies will suffer the same fate. What can you do to ensure that you are not stranded if your cleaning company goes bust? The answer is to book your professional home cleaner directly.


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The TidyChoice App is now available on the Google Play Store


We are happy to announce that TidyChoice is now directly accessible via its own tablet/mobile app for Android devices.

With this app, customers and cleaners will have the full functionality of the website with the convenience of having everything at the tip of their fingers fingers anywhere they go.

No more Google search, no more typing web addresses.

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

It is completely free. iPhone and iPad, Windows phone/tablet and BlackBerry apps will be coming soon.

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How to reschedule or modify a TidyChoice booking?


If after the first session your costumer has agreed with you to increase or decrease the number of hours, or if you have both decided to move all the sessions to another regular day of the week or time. Follow these simple steps:

  1. DO NOT reschedule each future session one by one
  2. Contact us via email ( or over the phone (020 8133 1830) with the new regular date and time
  3. We will amend the booking on your behalf
  4. All future sessions related to that booking will be updated automatically

Keeping your calendar updated is important because:

  1. It makes sure that session reminders to the customer are sent on time
  2. You do not lose any potential new jobs due to your calendar not showing your current availability
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TidyChoice rebrands!



It’s a big day for us! We’re excited to unveil our bright new logo and beautiful new website. We wanted our new look to reflect the friendly, personal and trustworthy service that our network of cleaners provides to their customers. We also shortened the journey to book a cleaner so it is now even easier.

Our new branding reflects our core values and beliefs. At TidyChoice, we value home cleaning as an important personal service. We believe that every customer and cleaner is different and that good cleaners understand the individual needs of their customers and care about delivering a personal service. We aim to offer an honest and trustworthy service that provides an equitable deal for both householders and housekeepers. Our technology should improve the lives of both householders and cleaners.

We hope that you like our new branding and would be happy to refer our service to your friends. We are a small company with a relatively small marketing budget so we are...

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One lofty 2015 New Year’s resolution that you’ll keep



After some Christmas overindulgence, we often get carried away with wildly aspirational vows to change our lives for the better. We assess our fitness regimes, eating habits and work/life balance to look for improvements. We then make promises to lose weight, save money and enhance our careers in a bid to become better people.

However, it’s important to be selective and realistic with our resolutions. A 2007 study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail, despite the fact that 52% of the study’s participants were confident of success at the beginning. Psychologists suggest that our best chance of success is having specific goals related to changes in behaviour. “I will go the gym twice a week” will work much better than “I will keep fit”.

Sometimes our homes and loved ones can get overlooked in New Year’s resolutions. It is difficult to come up...

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The day when chaos visited my home – A customer story


Everyone moves on. One day, my fabulous and faithful cleaner of many years announced that she was moving back to her home country. My heart sank and I knew that a tsunami of chaos was about hit my normally pristine and orderly home. I needed a quick solution but I knew that finding a trusted replacement was not going to be an easy task.

My first port of call was to ask my friends and neighbours if they could recommend a good cleaner. Some were not terribly complementary about their current cleaners but one of my friend’s cleaners sounded like the perfect solution. Unfortunately, she was fully booked. I suspected that this might be the case for the very best cleaners.

Next, I turned to the traditional cleaning agents. They came to my place and gave me an estimate of the time required and likely cost (which was much more than my previous cleaner). They sent me a cleaner from a pool of cleaners that they manage. Whilst I was paying more than before the quality of cleaning was...

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