Results Of Our Survey


We surveyed over 3,000 cleaners on our database to find out what cleaners really think about their customers. We discussed the cleanest habits, the worst habits and their view on people’s overall attitudes towards cleaning. We want to understand the cleaner’s perspective and get insights that might help us improve the service for both cleaners and customers.

The great news is that 98% of our cleaners felt valued and respected by their clients. In addition, 85% of cleaners said that their clients were lean and tidy. This indicates to us that relationships between customers and cleaners are generally very good.

We then asked about client cleaning habits to see if there are any ways that we can help cleaners in their jobs. According to respondents in our survey, 56% of householders do very little or no cleaning between scheduled sessions. It seems that some customers could help cleaners do a better job by doing some tidying up or maintenance cleaning between sessions.

Once we hire a cleaner, it can be quite easy to rely on them to do the bulk of the cleaning work in the house and forget to clean between visits. Giving the house a quick tidy up every now and then between visits is something that will benefit both you and your cleaner. Not only does it make the job easier for your cleaner but it also allows them to spend more time doing a real deep clean of your house.


Our respondents also noted that bathrooms and kitchens became the dirtiest between visits. A lot of us spend quite a lot of time in these areas of the house so it is no surprise that they can quickly get untidy. But there are a few quick and easy steps we can take between cleaning visits to make our bathroom and kitchen tidier.

1. Apply all-purpose cleaners to bathtubs, showers and toilets to tackle build-up

2. Wipe down shelves, counters, towel racks, doors and windowsills

3. Clean as you cook, don’t leave everything till after dinner


We asked London cleaners about the worst cleaning habits of customers. The most common complaints from cleaners are listed below

1. Not having enough time in the booking to complete everything if the property is very dirty

2. Customers not providing proper cleaning equipment and supplies especially when the customer has been advised of the issue

3. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink

4. Leaving dirty clothes lying around on the floor or on beds/chairs

We can make our cleaners’ lives easier if we give some consideration to these points. We are sure that cleaners would appreciate and work harder for you!