Back to School


The day has come to mourn the summer months and welcome this busy time back into our lives. Yes, it’s back to school!

With the infinite amount of tasks that need to be done, from buying new uniforms and planning lunchbox ideas, how does one have the time to think about domestic cleaning? Well, to start with we have composed a list of the three essential ‘to-dos’, if you may, that will ensure a smooth back to school transition.

  1. Lunchbox planning: to make life a little easier, prepare lunches the night before so they are packed and ready to go in the (way too) early mornings!

  2. Set bedtimes: not just for your nocturnal children, but for you as well! This will help you avoid the half-awake delirium that ensues forgetting to pack your children’s P.E kits!

  3. Be organised: in every sense of the word. By allocating a space for your children to dump their school bags, planning times for dinner and (the always dreaded) homework and by keeping your home tidy. 

Being tidy is possibly the last thing on your mind but the saying really does go that a tidy house brings a tidy mind so make the #TidyChoice and we’ll tick that ‘to-do’ off your list! With our service you choose the professional home cleaner that is right for you, your household and your family. We match fully vetted, experienced cleaners with your personal requirements to make your back to school days a little easier and so you don’t have to worry about household cleaning.

What’s more? Now, we offer the chance to book several cleans a week, regularly. Check our last blog postfor some advice on how to do that. Back to school couldn’t be simpler with #TidyChoice, book your independent, trustworthy & affordable cleaners today!