Salt cleans what?


The Salt Institute recorded 14,000 ways salt can be used. It just might be the most versatile mineral. Salt though abrasive actually works as an effective cleaning agent. Combined with other ingredients it can serve multiple purposes and become a regular cleaning solution. A simple paste of salt, baking soda and dish soap can make the dirtiest appliances crystal clean. Here are some ways salt can become your favourite eco-friendly cleaner.

Restores a sponge
Problem: Ratty, broken down sponge.
Solution: Leave the sponge overnight in a mix of ¼c of salt and 1q hot water, in the morning it’s restored.

Removes lipstick marks from glassware
Problem: Girlfriend left her ruby red on your wine glass.
Solution: Rub the lipstick stained glass with salt, wash the glass as  usual.

Clean cast iron pans
Problem: Burnt bottom of your frittata left in the skillet.
Solution: Grab 1c coarse salt and pour it into a warm skillet, use a folded kitchen towel to scour the pan, remove the salt and rinse the pan. Dry it off and voila, good as new.

Clean sink drains
Problem: Have you poured grease down your drain, does it have a weird smell.
Solution: Pour salt and hot water mix down the drain regularly to keep the odour away and limit greasy build up.


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