Cleanest Boroughs of London


Considering its size, London is one of the cleanest cities in the world. At TidyChoice we are proud of this and, as a result, we have taken the liberty to list what we consider to be the cleanest boroughs of London.


Hackney is one of London’s cleanest boroughs because of its high cycling population. In 2014 more residents cycled to work than who drove. Additionally, more residents cycled to work than in any other London borough. This is because the area is very cycle-friendly. All Hackney’s residential streets are 20mph zones and pavement parking has been removed from over 60 streets in the borough. These factors along with many others have made cycling much safer and the environment much cleaner. At TidyChoice we are very impressed!


Croydon understands that first impressions matter. As a result, they have a zero tolerance policy to littering. In 2013/14 they spent £300k on cleaning-up fly-tips and picking-up 354kg of waste. For littering you could also be fined up to £50,000 – they are not messing around. Moreover, their council offers a comprehensive waste collection service covering: recyclable and non-recyclable waste, green/garden waste, and waste goods.  There are also 1,500 litter bins and special bins for smoking-related litter in the borough. They even have their own app – two thumbs up from TidyChoice


In 2014 Wandsworth was reported to have the cleanest Streets of inner London. They managed to reduce their fly tipping by over 30% and they spent just under £4 million annually to keep their streets clean. They have achieved these great feats partly by clamping down on businesses. The council regularly carries out spot checks on commercial premises to make sure they comply with their local legislation. Moreover, they also give companies particular time bands when they can have their waste collected by contractors. At TidyChoice we love the idea that other businesses are being made to be clean.


Why don’t you look online to see what your borough is doing to keep your streets clean? And when it comes to your home, look no further than TidyChoice! We have vetted cleaners in Wandsworth and plenty of profiles of experienced housekeepers in Hackney!

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