Don’t leave your cleaner for a robot


In the past few years companies have developed more efficient ways to clean our homes. There are now more robotic cleaners than ever before! You have the robot vacuum cleaner, the robot mop, and even the robot window cleaner, that’s a lot of robots for one household. Now I know most people think well if they can cut down on the time it takes to clean their homes then the technological advancements might be worth the investment, but I wouldn’t rush to make that purchase just yet.

The surge of robotic cleaners has come with a price, a high price most robots starts at around £700 and yes they do call it an investment, but if your investment breaks you will be reconciling with your old cleaner to get your house up to par not to mention there have been various test that show the bots just cant catch them all.

No matter how great the cleaning-bot it will never provide the same satisfaction as our dear professionals. As a matter of fact, a robot will always need a human to come behind it and finish the job. No robot cleaner will clean as well as the you or I or better yet as well as the professionals we hire. Why you may ask, simply because they just can’t reach the inner crevices of the window sill or corners of the counter tops. A human cleaner is the only person who can provide the tidiness and perfection we desire.

Now if you would like to cut down on the amount of time your cleaner takes to tidy up your home then purchasing a cleaning bot could be a nice gesture to offer your cleaner.

So, before you second guess your cleaner just remember they are worth it and if you get lucky you can end up with someone who not only cleans but has the credentials to take care of children, go grocery shopping and other qualities you want from a well-rounded professional who can make your life easier.

If you have thought about inviting cleaning-bots into your home or have cleaning bots in your home? Let us know how it faired.

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