Household Items that You Should Start Cleaning


Everyone knows that they have to eventually wash their dishes if they want something to put their food on. Hopefully, they also dust, vacuum, mop the floor and clean their bathrooms habitually. However, besides these common cleaning tasks, many items requiring sanitary attention are left dirty in houses. We may believe that these items are not meant to be cleaned, or the idea of washing them may simply not have ever come into our mind.

Today, TidyChoice’s blog introduces our readers to a list of household items that you should start considering including in your cleaning routines as well as some tips on how to go about cleaning them.

1. Rubbish Bin

It’s one of those things that we avoid touching whenever possible. However, leaving it uncleaned would just make it dirtier, smellier, and more harmful to your health over time.

If you are courageous enough to clean your bin, here are some tips on how to go about doing it:

  1. Put on a pair of rubber gloves
  2. Dispose the rubbish inside the bin
  3. Clean the lid with a disinfectant spray
  4. Use a mop or a piece of cloth to scrub the interior with a multipurpose cleaner
  5. Clean the exterior with a sponge


2. Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are washed every time we shower, so it’s not necessary to clean them, right? No. Even though we also shower the curtain whenever we wash ourselves, the moisture that the curtain is exposed to daily can cause mould to grow on it over time.

To rid your curtain of the mould, simply wash it in a washing machine with:

  • detergent
  • and half a cup of baking soda

3. Doormat

After a day’s walk, it is normal for people to come home with all sorts of debris stuck on their shoes. For this reason, we have a doormat to remove those undesired particles off our shoes before we step on our homes’ floor. Given that the doormat accumulates quite a lot of these undesired materials over time, it is a good idea to wash it occasionally.

To clean a doormat:

  1. Shake it outside your house to remove the debris
  2. Vacuum it
  3. Wash it with warm water and washing-up liquid

4. Indoor Plants

Although we do not clean plants when they are outside, it’s good to consider cleaning the indoor ones. Like other indoor items, they build up dust over time.

To go about removing this dust, simply dust the plants the way you would on most of your other furniture!


5. Duvet

Duvets get dirty over time, especially if you spill something on them. Yet, while most people regularly wash their duvet covers, their duvets are not cared for as well. This might be because we assume that the covers sufficiently protect the duvets from the elements which would make cleaning the duvets necessary.

Duvet cleaning can be complicated because of the feather inside. Therefore, before you clean them, you should check whether they require specialist dry cleaning.

For duvets which are suitable for normal home cleaning:

  1. Begin cleaning by treating stains found on them with washing-up liquid
  2. Put them in a washing machine!

With these tips in mind, now is the time for you to start cleaning these five things that you have never cleaned before.