Preparing for the Halloween Clean-Up: What You Need to Know


Trick or Treat?

That is the phrase that is most associated with the Halloween season. However, do not get overjoyed by the nice little smiles directed at you by cute dressed-up children as they stand in front of your house asking for sweet treats. It is common knowledge that tricking is a relatively standard practice, even among the loveliest-looking zombie in town.

This October, TidyChoice’s blog brings you some advice on how to deal with the most scary thing about Halloween – the tricksters’ mess.


Eggs are among the most common instruments used by Halloween pranksters. When your house is egged, its wall will be left with a sticky liquid mess that requires special cleaning techniques to deal with.

To resolve this situation, clean the mess as soon as possible, as sunbaked yolks can easily stain your wall. Begin by applying warm water to the bottom of your siding and work upwards to the eggs’ remains. Do not use high water pressure, as this can spread the mess to other areas of your wall. If water does not do the job removing the egg remnants by itself, scrub the wall with soap or other alkaline solutions.

Toilet Paper

Luckily, although your trees may be decorated with toilet paper against your will, such paper disintegrates relatively quickly. Nevertheless, if you wish to tidy up your garden, use long poles to remove the mess from your trees. A leaf blower can also help bring the paper down. Start at the top and work your way down. Do not wait until it rains, as wet toilet paper is much harder to remove.

Shaving cream 

Surprisingly, shaving cream can also leave stains on your items. Nevertheless, in most cases, it can be easily washed off with water.

With these three practical seasonal cleaning tips, TidyChoice wishes you a joyful Halloween.