Why do the best cleaners choose TidyChoice?


why do the best cleaners choose TidyChoice image

The best cleaners want to be independent so they can optimise their earnings. If they work for an agency or for an online booking platform, they will lose 20-40% of their earnings. TidyChoice is the only website which is a genuine marketplace that allows cleaners to choose your own rates and hours. Cleaners are not charged a percentage commission and earn their full hourly rate. TidyChoice helps independent cleaners market their services in order to find new customers in convenient locations. We have housecleaners in locations all over London, from experienced cleaners based in Archway to professional housekeepers based in Marylebone.  

“We have found that if the cleaners are not satisfied, the customers don’t get the quality of service expected. The best cleaners work independently to maximise their income and we are unique in allowing them to choose their own hourly rates, work locations and hours of work,”  says co-founder Ana Andres. TidyChoice attracts the best local independent cleaners to its platform in order to provide the best service to customers. “We are committed to attracting the very best cleaners and keeping them happy”, says Andres. TidyChoice optimises cleaners’ available working hours and minimises their travel time and costs through the use of algorithms.