How to make sure that your online profile attracts new customers


People hire people.  As well as demonstrating your cleaning experience and expertise, it is important that you gain customer trust and that they know who you are. If a potential customer has never met you, how can you gain trust? One way is to create a profile that you can share with them through social media or by email. A good profile is a powerful way to let them know who you are and get hired. It is easy to create a profile in Word which can be used over and over again to get new customers. We give our top tips on content you should include in your profile to get hired.

1. Your photograph

You are no longer a stranger if people know what you look like so including a photograph is important. Ideally, choose a photograph that shows your face and eyes and where you are smiling (similar to a smiling passport photo). We all make snap judgements from photographs on friendliness and trustworthiness so showing your eyes and a smiling face is important. You want to look professional so avoid using holiday snaps.

2. Your expertise

Customers want to know that you have sufficient experience to do a quality job without being instructed. As well as telling them the number of years experience you have, you can build credibility by describing your experience in more detail. For domestic cleaning, let them know what types of homes you have cleaned and the types of customers that you have worked for e.g. cleaned 4 bedroom house for a family of 4 twice per week for 3 hours. Describing any commercial cleaning experience, such as hotels and offices, will also add to your credibility.

3. Your background

Whilst customers are not expecting you to become their best friend, they would like to know a little bit about you. Just a few personal details could help you stand out from any other candidates they are thinking of hiring. You could let them know where you are from, how long you have been in London and what you enjoy doing.

4. Your Customer references and recommendations

This can be extremely powerful in getting hired. Ideally, you should provide the contact details of at least 3 current or former customers. Try to get a personal written review or recommendation from customers that you can include in your profile. This will build trust with your potential customer and help you stand out. The more personal the recommendation you have, the better.