Unclean kids’ toys could present health risks


Have you ever had a closer look at your kid’s favourite toy? According to new research by Dettol, your kids’ most used toys carry risks to their health.

Whilst their teddy bear may appear to be your child’s best friend, the cuddly toy could pose a potential health risk.

The Daily Mail published the research findings which reported that 1 in 4 toys contain bacteria relating to fecal matter and that 3 from 4 toys are not washed effectively.

Experts have warned that 80 per cent of teddies harbour bacteria. The research also found  that 90 per cent of children regularly drop their beloved toys on the floor, where they can pick up dirt and various germs. One of our housekeepers in Willesden said she couldn't believe how often parents neglect to wash their child's toys.

We, at TidyChoice, recognize the importance of maintaining a clean home for the benefit of your kids’ health and well-being. That is why our service provides a personalized approach to your family and home needs.

Simply pick a cleaner that is just right for you. If you're already employing a weekly cleaner to do your laundry in Archway, you could always ask them to give the kids' toys a quick wash too. You can then enjoy a tidy, sparkling, and serene home, germ free and spend your newly acquired free time with your kids instead.