Problems faced by cleaners while cleaning houses


Here at TidyChoice we are aware of the daily challenges that face our registered cleaners. Being a housecleaner is far from an easy job and sometimes homeowners do not make cleaners’ tasks any easier. Here are 5 problems faced while cleaning house.

Not enough cleaning products

Sometimes, despite homeowners claiming that they will provide cleaning products, there is nothing to use. This could be because they only want organic cleaning solutions or are very picky with their choice of brands. Furthermore, sometimes homeowners fail to provide a mop which can result in cleaners having to wash floors on their hands and knees.

Washing Up a disorganised home

Pans and plates that have been soaked are infinitely easier to clean. If they are not, this makes a cleaner’s job of finishing within a given time-frame infinitely more difficult. Furthermore, if toys and paper are strewn everywhere, cleaners first have to clean this clutter away before they can start on the surfaces.

Not having a list of instructions

Having a long list of instructions and tasks can be difficult to remember, particularly if English is not your first language. Having a written list of instructions can help guarantee that no tasks are forgotten or completed improperly.

Homeowners cleaning beforehand

Having a homeowner who has already cleaned some of their home prior to your arrival can make a cleaner’s task much more complicated. Having to figure out what is clean and what isn’t can be a puzzling task.

Being a household therapist

Being a cleaner can sometimes also feel like being a therapist. Whilst you are cleaning and doing your job, the homeowner can explain to you their lifelong grievances. Whilst we are strong advocates of developing positive relationships with your clients, sometimes it can make your work more challenging.

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