I think you may have missed me


Dear Reader,

Today a thought popped into my head?

“When was the last time I cleaned my window sills?”

As I thought about it, it hit me…over six months ago. Can you believe that?

Maybe some of you can, but as an avid cleaner, I think it is unacceptable, for me of course.

So I got to work and scrubbed and washed, alternating between a toothbrush and cloth with a little help from some baking soda and vinegar. The process took well over an hour as windows tend to collect a lot of dirt in the corners.

Once I finished my task it occurred to me that there must be other places in my home I ignore. Below are a few other areas in and around the home we should all try to clean even if it is just once every new moon.

Be on the lookout for other forgotten areas and tips on how to clean them.


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