Pebble Boot Tray


The horror of the rainy season is upon us but parents we have a miracle that will keep your home clean and eliminate muddy footprints forever. Get ready to say goodbye to gritty carpets and hello to embracing a wet winter. Create a boot mud tray with the items below.


  • Black rubber tray (Poundland)
  • River rocks or pebbles
  • Grip glue adhesive (Tesco)


Arrange the rocks in small sections as you would a puzzle piece or fill the tray (keep in mind if you have younger children those rocks won’t stay in the tray for too long.

Once arranged, pick up a stone, glue the stone and place it back into its rightful position. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

Place the tray by the door and train the little ones (husband included) to take off their wet, muddy shoes off at the door.