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5 Biggest mistakes cleaners make with their customers


Everyone wants to be appreciated for the hard work that they do. All the hard work could be undone by one mistake that really upsets the customer.

To help you maintain good customer relations and get the appreciation you deserve, we have listed the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid.

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1) Cancelling at the last minute

OK, sometimes this cannot be avoided, especially if you wake up with the flu. The important thing is to tell your customer IMMEDIATELY if you need to cancel and always give an option to reschedule. Customers hate last minute cancellations.

2) Being constantly late

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Again, sometimes this cannot be helped, especially if the tube is down. Always let your customer know if you are going to be late and offer to make up the

time. Being constantly late is unprofessional and will damage your reputation.

3) Using wrong cleaning products

cleaning products

Be super careful with corrosive cleaning products, especially with granite or marble surfaces. Never use bleach anywhere. Customers get really upset when their expensive surfaces are stained or damaged. We have plenty of cleaning tips online if you need guidance.

4) Not returning customer keys promptly

Customers trust you but they worry when they don’t get their keys back as requested. When requested, hand-deliver keys back promptly in person. Never post keys. If you do not return keys you may end up paying for changing locks.

5) Accepting a new booking and cancelling

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Do not take on new clients and then cancel! The customer has chosen you for the booking and does not want a replacement. This is a quick way to destroy your reputation and lose goodwill so avoid cancelling new bookings at all costs.