5 places you may forget to clean in the house


Have you covered all the bases in your deep spring cleaning?

Many people book a cleaner
in order to save time on their schedule to create time to do more activities. However, no one knows your house better than you! So you may have taken this challenge on yourself to clean the entire house. In the chaos of tackling the laundry, kitchen, bathrooms and more all at once; there are some points that may be forgotten along the way.

Here’s a list of some of the things you might have forgotten while cleaning the house. Remember these spots and you’ll have a completely tidy house!

  1. Remote controls

We often overlook the multiple remotes we use every day. Whether it’s the kids or your own self, the remotes get the brunt of our sticky hands while changing to our favourite shows during snack time. Our remotes are used every day and if not cleaned hold a large amount of germs. Use a cloth and a disinfectant to resolve this issue quickly.

2.             Door handles and frames

Door handles are most likely to be one of the most touched pieces of furniture in your house. Despite keeping yourself clean, are you sure everyone around has kept the same level of hygiene as yourself? Disinfect your door handles regularly to ensure your house is germ free, keeping the children disease-free.

Door frames, especially the top ones, are a trap holding mass amounts of dust. The longer you wait to clean, the harder it becomes to clean. Carelessness in cleaning them will not only allow dust to build in your house lowering the quality of air, but also ruin the décor you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

3.             Under the rugs

We’re all guilty! We tend to kick the drops under the rug when we’ve dropped something, so that no one sees it. However, these little drops here and there will add up over time catching you by surprise. A regular clean under the rug will maintain the quality of the rug as well as the floorboards underneath. It’s a simple clean that saves long term issues.

4.             Under the oven

The kitchen in general can prove to be a headache. The surface under the oven is capable of representing the amount of time you spend in your kitchen whipping up your favourite meals. Dust will naturally accumulate under such a space, and it is easy for us to kick the crumbs under while cooking. Our experienced housecleaner based in Muswell Hill says that although cleaning the back and under the oven may take some time, it is key to having a clean and healthy kitchen.

5.             Keyboards

In this digital age, every house has a PC of some sort. We rarely notice the amount of dust and dirt that builds in the crevices between the keys. These are constantly used appliances and keeping them clean is of utmost importance. Our trustworthy cleaner from Hamstead says that using a q-tip to clear out the space between keys is a simple solution to this issue.