5 Time saving cleaning hacks


We know that for most people, cleaning can be seen as an almighty chore so we've come to you with our top 5 time-saving hacks that would make quick work of your weekly cleaning routine.

Though it can be rather fulfilling to see the visible transformation of your home after a deep clean, cleaning is an endless pain no matter the results. Here are some nifty tricks that would enable you to clean your home more quickly and efficiently. 

1. Use a lint roller to remove dust around your home

One of our experienced cleaners from Hampstead says that lint rollers can be your best friend when you have lint or hair on your clothing. However, when it comes to household cleaning, lint rollers are also very effective on many items around your home.

Whether it’s your carpet, drawers, lampshades, sofas, chairs or even your pool table, a lint roller is certainly the go-to tool for cleaning. Rather than spending a vast amount of time hoovering, lint rollers are a convenient alternative to help speed up your cleaning session. Lint rollers are inexpensive and can be found in most supermarkets.

2. Steam clean your microwave

Our microwaves are constantly on the go throughout the week. Whether it’s used to cook your porridge in the mornings or to warm up your meals in the evenings, your microwave can take a beating over time.

Scrubbing is usually the first thing that comes to mind before cleaning away any gunk in your microwave. But there is a hands-off hack that can do just the trick as well as save you some time. Add generous amounts of water and white vinegar to a bowl. Place the bowl into your microwave and cook on medium heat for 3-4 minutes. This should allow your microwave to steam up enabling you to wipe its 4 walls effectively.

3. Invest in baking soda

If you are searching for the perfect solution to many of your cleaning problems, investing in baking soda would be a wise decision. Baking soda is known for being a great cleaner, deodoriser and degreaser and can be used on pretty much anything around your home.

A tip from one of our professional cleaners based in Maida Vale is to use baking soda to clean your bin. Smells can be instantly removed by sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda on the base of your bin. Baking soda’s deodorising properties would ensure that odours are removed the next time you fill up your bin bag.

4. Remove limescale using citric acid

The build-up of limescale can be a common problem in appliances that use up water. Without regular cleaning, appliances can become less effective over time especially daily appliances, like a kettle.

Citric acid is both a quick and easy way to remove limescale from your kettle. Simply fill your kettle with water and bring it to a boil. When done add a few tablespoons of citric acid to the water and let your kettle rest for half an hour. Once complete empty out the water and the inside of your kettle should be as good as new.

5. Invest in aluminium foil

Without care, the floor of your oven can become dirty very easily. But don’t stress the next time you’re tasked with cleaning the oven as aluminium foil can save you a large amount of time.

Save time cleaning by laying a sheet of aluminium foil on the bottom shelf of your oven. The foil will catch any crumbs and spillages from your food that is cooking on the shelves above. And when it’s time to clean your oven again you can simply replace the old sheet with a new sheet of foil ensuring that you never have to clean your oven floor again.

And there you have it, 5 great time-saving cleaning hacks that can help to ease up your weekly cleaning routine. We hope that they help lighten the load the next time you are cleaning your home. If you are struggling to keep up with cleaning your home you could always book a housekeeping professional who would be happy to carry out all of your cleaning needs.