Cleaning up London

How to improve your cleaning efficiency with new technology?


Technology innovation is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. Many cleaning tools have been electrified and updated to help us clean faster and easier.

Many ingredients in common household products have been linked to health problems. Using innovative technology tackles environmental issues and makes our lives easier. In this post, we share some new technologies that can improve your health and the environment as well.


Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for some time. The technology is constantly improving, and they now have the potential to revolutionise the way we clean.

One of the features of the automatic vacuum cleaner is that it automatically adjusts between floor types and can clean under your furniture. Your only task is to turn it on and leave it on the floor. It would be the best solution if you have a busy lifestyle. Let the new technology do the dirty work, while you enjoy your free time.


The electric mop has also existed for a while now, but most people are not aware f them. We should remind ourselves that the electric mop is far more effective than the traditional mop. Less work is required from you and it can save you so much time.

The easy-to-use electric mops are light and don’t take much space. Depending on the brand and the model some are multi-functional and not only mop but also spray and wax your floor. The pads on the bottom eventually need to be removed and washed when they get dirty.


The toilet sink combo is mostly used in Japan but is starting to be adopted by other countries. The water-saving toilet-sink was used to save space in bathrooms in the past, but now is considered a great way to conserve water.

The way it works is that when you wash your hands in the combo’s sink the water is collected in the cistern and then used when flushing. Following further developments, the combo has new buttons on the side to play music, warm the toilet seat or control the bidet. You can also regulate the amount of water for flushing, so you don’t waste a lot of water for something minor. The three reasons why you should adopt the toilet sink combo are:

  1. It saves space.
  2. It conserves water
  3. Better hygiene – some people forget to wash their hands, but this way they will not.



Recently, the BBC announced that researchers have created an ultra-slippery coating that could help save water around the world. Scientists say this coating reduces the amount of water required to flush excrement by 90%.  It is also preventing bacteria from building up in the toilet bowls and the odour.

The spray can be affected by urine, so we need to reapply it after around 50 flushes. This new discovery can help reduce water waste, because currently we use more than 141 billion litters of water per day just for flushing.

Using better technology and newer products could help us improve our health and the ultra-slippery coating is a great because you won’t need to clean your toilet as often and would remain clean.


A new technology everyone should know about is the new Ultrasonic Cleaning Device that uses powerful ultrasonic waves to clean almost anything at a microscopic level. The OmiSonic is wireless and light which is great when you go travelling or backpacking. It is the same size as a bar of soap, and you can fit it in your pocket.

The machine uses turbulence, water, and soap/detergent to rinse your clothes. OmiSonic can clean clothes, fruits and vegetables, kitchenware, silverware, toys, watches and jewellery. There are simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Place OmiSonic into Water
  2. Place the Dirty Object
  3. Choose the settings on the app and add in paper soap if necessary
  4. Let the magic begin


Using new technology will not only make our lives easier but will also help the environment. New technology has been invented to help us live healthier and better lives. We should take advantage of it and use it.