How to clean leather


Our ancestors first used leather to protect themselves from the elements. Since then, we have adapted leather’s durability and beauty to use it in apparel, furniture and fashion accessories.

Leather products are a style statement. However, as a natural material, it needs special treatment when it comes to cleaning.

 It is preferable to minimally treat your leather products and to use natural cleaners to avoid damage. Always spot test a cleaning product on a small area before using on the entire area.  You don’t want to damage your beautiful leather furniture by mistake!

It’s important to realize that if you are cleaning a suede product, the treatment is not the same as cleaning leather. 

So, let’s get started on how to take care of your favorite leather products.



Leather furniture is a must-have choice when it comes to owning a durable and sleek piece of furniture. Though, most love to own it but lack the know-how of taking care of leather product.

Avoid using any chemical based or heavy-duty leather cleaners as it could damage and worn the leather furniture. Try cleaning with a gentle soap and follow these instructions:

·      Firstly, using a soft brush attachment, vacuum the furniture in order to remove any visible signs of dust or suck away any loose particles on the surface.

·      Use a gentle soap. Ideally a soap that could be used for delicate clothes or a saddle soap

·      Gently wipe a small amount of mild soap using a cloth.

·      Avoid using tissue papers or paper towels as these could get embedded in the leather. Use a micro fibre cloth to minimise damage and effectively clean.  

·      Using a separate clean cloth, wipe the piece of furniture with cool clean water. 

·      Try not to wet the cloth excessively to avoid exposing leather to moisture.

·      Repeat until all soap residue has been removed.

·      Leave to dry naturally and keep away from direct sunlight.

Bags and Purses

Leather bags and purses are more prone to stains and spots as they’re used for outdoor adventures. It can also get dirty while being used as fashion accessory. 

Mostly people tend to use soap water or detergent to rub off any visible stains, but it is recommended not to use any chemical detergents as soap residue could result in dry patches and cracking of leather. 

Instead, follow these handy tips when you’re cleaning your leather bags or purses.

·      Mix a drop of mild clothes detergent in a bowl of water. Water to soap ratio of 8:1.

·      Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray onto a microfibre cloth. Keep in mind to not directly spray on leather as it could damage the leather by oversaturation.

·      Going along the grain of the leather tenderly wipe the stains.

·      Once all the stains are removed, leave the bag to dry naturally.

·      When drying keep the bag away from direct sunlight and fill the empty bag with old newspapers to keep the shape intact.

·      Once dried, massage with tiny amount of leather conditioner to apply a protective layer.


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