Housekeeper of the Year 2020

Congratulations to Veselka! We are delighted to announce that Veselka has won this year’s Housekeeper of the Year award and a £150 prize. 

Each year we ask customers to nominate their house cleaners for the award. We received a great response acknowledging the valuable work done by house cleaners during the most difficult of years. Veselka received the most votes and some wonderful comments from her customers, such as:

“Exceptional service, care and trust”

“So hardworking and diligent and an impeccable time-keeper.”

“She is very good, kind and a sweetheart with our son.”

“Veselka is an amazing cleaner. She is so incredibly careful with all our personal belongings

and she really does go the extra mile.”

“She is always kind and helpful and gives tips…She is always pleasant and a joy to have around the house.”


We spoke to Veselka after she won the award.


How did you feel when you found out you had won the competition?

It was a great surprise and a lovely experience. I have very kind customers and I am very grateful that they nominated me.


How did you become a house cleaner?

After my Masters in Economics degree, I worked as an administrator in a secondary school for four years. I wanted to study law as a second degree. To fund my education, I travelled from Bulgaria to England to work as a nanny and housekeeper. I did not plan to come and live in England but I was happy with my life and enjoyed the work, so I extended my visa and stayed. Over the years I have had many chances to change jobs, but you have to like what you do, and I like cleaning. It is busy job and I find cleaning very relaxing.


You got huge support from your customers who are clearly very happy with you. What is your secret?

I enjoy the job and put my heart into it. Doing a good job and paying attention to detail is easier when you like what you do. I have lovely customers and I appreciate having good relationships with them. Customer relationships are important to my job so that they are comfortable with me and communication is easy.


What advice would you give to other housekeepers?

Building good relationships and trust are important. Cleaners are given access to special, personal space in homes. Not even close friends have access beyond the living areas of people’s homes. It is important for cleaners to be respectful, honest and trustworthy.


I encourage people to be kind, honest and supportive. We are all human and need help or favours from time to time. I also encourage people to do the jobs that they thoroughly enjoy.


About Veselka Atanasova

Originally from Bulgaria, Veselka graduated with a Masters in Economics and worked in finance and administration before moving to England. Veselka has over 17 years in childcare and housekeeping experience. She joined the TidyChoice platform in January 2020 and serves customers in Harringay, Holloway, Walthamstow and Wood Green