Housekeeper of the Year 2019


Maria Helena with TidyChoice team

Congratulations to Maria Helena! She trumped hundreds of housekeepers across the whole of London to win this year’s Housekeeper of the Year award and a £150 prize.

Customers were asked to nominate their housekeeper for the award. We received a huge response in recognition of the valuable work that house cleaners do across the city. Maria Helena received the most votes from customers and got outstanding reviews.

We spoke to Maria Helena when she came to our offices to collect the award.

How did you feel when you found out you had won the competition?

I was very surprised and very happy! I remember reading about last year’s winner, Bilyana and wishing that it could be me one day. I am very pleased to win this award.

You got huge support from your customers who are clearly very happy with you. What is your secret?

I really enjoy the work which is why I give it my best. I like and respect my customers and treat their home as I do my own. I am not perfect but if I...

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Housekeeper of the Week: 16th December 2019


Noreen is our Housekeeper of the Week! She's honest, reliable and registered with Ofsted. Whether you need to find a reliable cleaner in Bow or just need a one-off deep clean in Shoreditch, we are certain that Noreen is a great fit for you. 

Here's what some of her clients had to say:

"She works methodically and is time efficient. She responds to feedback. I am pleased with her attitude to her work. She's very professional in her approach."

"Noreen has been working for me for over 3 years. She is honest and reliable. Her work is efficient. She is a lovely person to have around your work place and home."

If you would like to learn more, take a look at her profile

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6 Fast and Easy Ways To Remove Dog Hair From Your Furniture


Does pet hair go everywhere around your home? You see it all over your floors, sofa, curtains and even clothes! We love our pets too much to get too annoyed with them. 

If this is really bothering you, we suggest you groom your dog more often, cover the furniture with a sheet or towel and train them not to climb on furniture. 

You cannot prevent all pet hair from being shed around your home. We share our top tips to help you clean up after your beloved pet. 

1. Use a lint roller

Using a lint roller will help clean the hair that is stuck to your sofa. It is easy and you can go over the furniture and clothes or even the dog itself!  Using a lint roller will not harm the dog or the furniture.

2. Use tape

Another way of removing the stubborn dog hair from furniture is by using tape. Just flatten a section of sticky tape against the furniture, leave it for a bit and peel it off. Duct and masking tape are perfect for this case, but you might need to repeat the process...

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Housekeeper of the Week: 10th December 2019


Congratulations Magdalena, you're our Housekeeper of the Week! With over 30 excellent reviews on her profile, it is clear that she's one of the best out there. Whether you require a weekly cleaner in Clapham or a reliable domestic cleaning service in Muswell Hill, we have you covered. 

Here are some of the amazing reviews Magdalena's clients have left for her:

"Very happy with the cleaning services provided by Magdalena. Showed enthusiasm and interest in ensuring we were satisfied before she left at the end."

"Magi was a fabulous cleaner. She worked hard and detail cleaned bathrooms & kitchen very well. Ironed my duvet and pillows. Looked like a hotel. Very nice and friendly. "

Check out her profile to learn more! 


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Housekeeper of the Week: 2nd December 2019


Vesela is our Housekeeper of the Week! She's a professional, careful and detail-oriented cleaner who will leave your home spotless! If you're looking for a weekly cleaner in Finsbury Park or just need a domestic housekeeping service in West London, you can't go wrong with Vesela! 

Don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of her clients had to say:

Take a look at her profile for more information!

Vesela is very professional, careful and detail-oriented cleaner.

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How to improve your cleaning efficiency with new technology?


Technology innovation is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. Many cleaning tools have been electrified and updated to help us clean faster and easier.

Many ingredients in common household products have been linked to health problems. Using innovative technology tackles environmental issues and makes our lives easier. In this post, we share some new technologies that can improve your health and the environment as well.


Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for some time. The technology is constantly improving, and they now have the potential to revolutionise the way we clean.

One of the features of the automatic vacuum cleaner is that it automatically adjusts between floor types and can clean under your furniture. Your only task is to turn it on and leave it on the floor. It would be the best solution if you have a busy lifestyle. Let the new technology do the dirty work, while you enjoy your free time.


The electric mop has also existed...

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Housekeeper of the Week: 26th November 2019


Languages - English
Characteristics - Trust-worthy, Bubbly, Friendly
Services - Regular and One-off Cleaning, Laundry, Ironing, Oven, Windows, Fridge, Meals, Food Shopping
Locations- West London, Westminister, Pimlico, Kensington, White City, ShepherdsBush, Hammersmith, Fulham, Chiswick, Ealing, Kensal Green, HydePark

Well done Leia, you're our Housekeeper of the Week! Leia is a hard-working and very friendly cleaner with a great work ethic. She prides herself on always being on time and performing her work to a consistently high standard. If you need to find a domestic cleaner in West London or a reliable housekeeper in Chiswick, Leia is an excellent choice! 

Take a look at some reviews from her existing clients:

"Leia is a hard-working and trustworthy person with good communication skills. I definitely recommend her!"

"Outstanding manner and professional at all times!"

Take a look at her profile if you'd like to learn more!


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How to clean leather


Our ancestors first used leather to protect themselves from the elements. Since then, we have adapted leather’s durability and beauty to use it in apparel, furniture and fashion accessories.

Leather products are a style statement. However, as a natural material, it needs special treatment when it comes to cleaning.

 It is preferable to minimally treat your leather products and to use natural cleaners to avoid damage. Always spot test a cleaning product on a small area before using on the entire area.  You don’t want to damage your beautiful leather furniture by mistake!

It’s important to realize that if you are cleaning a suede product, the treatment is not the same as cleaning leather. 

So, let’s get started on how to take care of your favorite leather products.



Leather furniture is a must-have choice when it comes to owning a durable and sleek piece of furniture. Though, most love to own it but lack the...

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Best Cleaning Service in London 2019


best house cleaning services

We are delighted and honoured to be included in the 2019 list of The Best Cleaning Services in London.

Unlike cleaning agencies on the list, with TidyChoice you can select the cleaner that suits you best and book them in real time online. To see who is available in your area, please visit our homepage.

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Housekeeper of the Week: 18th November 2019


Languages - English, Portuguese, Spanish

Characteristics - Reliable, Professional, Helpful
Services - Regular, One-off clean, Laundry, Oven, Windows, Meals, Gardening, Food Shopping
Locations - Stratford, Barking, Poplar, Walthamstow, Ilford, Woodford, Newburypark

A huge congratulations to this week's Housekeeper of the Week! Well done Margarida! She is an excellent cleaner who is always excited to take on the next cleaning job. With a broad range of experience ranging from cleaning schools to private homes her 20 years of cleaning work make her an ideal candidate to be your next housekeeper! If you're looking for a weekly cleaner in Greenwich or just need to find a housekeeper in East London, Margarida will get the job done properly.

Here are some kind words from her clients:

"Margarida is a punctual, hard-working and professional cleaner. I am very pleased with her cleaning."

"Margarida is very friendly, professional and well-organised. I totally recommend...

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