Cleaning up London

Housekeeper of the week 3 Jun 2019

  • Language: English 
  • Services: Cleaning and Housekeeping 
  • Characteristics: Detail-oriented, Hardworking, Punctual
  • Location: Harringay, Westminster, Walthamstow, Fulham, Stratford, Fulham, Kensington
Congratulations to our housekeeper of the week- Rose! Rose moved from the Congo to London and has over 10 years of experience in the domestic cleaning industry. In her free time, Rose enjoys spending time with her family and often goes to the cinema. She is a great option if you are looking for a laundry service in Stratford or a one off clean in Kensington.  
Take a look at what her clients say about her:
"Rose did a really nice cleaning job on our flat. We would use this service again. "
"Great work ethic ! Thorough and very professional! Highly recommended ! "
Want to know more? Check out her profile and book in with Rose now! 


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Housekeeper of the week 29 May 19


  • Language: English, French
  • Service: Cleaning, Housekeeping, Childcare 
  • Characteristics: Friendly, Hardworking, Organised 
  • Location: Mayfair, Kensington, Chalk Farm, Bayswater, Kensal Green, Shepherds Bush, White City, Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Camden

Meet Tumbama- our cleaner of the week! Tumbama is a very caring person who loves seeing her clients satisfied with her work. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children, cooking and watching sports. If you are searching for a reliable cleaner in Bayswater or a childminder in Shepherds Bush, Tumbana has you covered! 

Check out what some of her lucky clients have to say about her: 

"Tumbama is a reliable and hardworking person, she always on time for work and has never missed a session. "

"Tumbama is a hard working lady, very reliable, punctual, honest. She capable to work very well on her one by following instructions given. "

Check out her profile on our website to know...

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Housekeeper of the week 26 May 2019


  • Language: English, Romanian, Spanish 
  • Service: Cleaning, Housekeeping, Childcare
  • Characteristics: Positive, Friendly, Hardworking 
  • Location: Harrow, Wembley, Brent Park, Edgware, The Hyde

We are so pleased to announce that our cleaner of the week is Jenica! Originally from Romania, Jenica is a highly experienced cleaner who loves meeting and getting to know her clients. She loves being around children and in her spare time she enjoys singing and dancing. Need a thorough clean in Edgware or a professional housekeeper in Harrow? Look no further- Jenica is the cleaner for you! 

Still not sure? Take a look at some of her amazing reviews: 

"Jenica is a great cleaner, always pays attention to my instructions and has an eye for details. She has been working for me for a while now and I am very satisfied with her work. She is very reliable and trustworthy. "

Jenica is a very reliable and trustworthy cleaner. I am very satisfied with her work, she is nice,...

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3 Great Tips to Clean a Sofa


Cleaning sofa can feel like a lot of work, but we know some quick tricks for making your sofa as fresh as new! Many of the materials needed to clean sofa must already be in your kitchen. So let’s get started with it!

#1 Always check the label first

It is highly recommended to check the label of the upholstery before cleaning. You can usually find it in the footing of the sofa. You can also check with the manufacturer if you are unsure about it.

The code on the label shows you how to clean the sofa fabric. Our professional housecleaner from Islington let us know that there are some common cleaning codes found on sofas such as:

  • W: This indicates that water can be used for cleaning.
  • SW: This indicates that either water or any solvent cleaner can be used. It also means that steam is safe to use.
  • S or P: This means that only a solvent cleaner can be used on the fabric for dry clean only.
  • X: This indicates that only vacuum should be used for cleaning. It also means that these...
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Housekeeper of the week 22 May 2019

  • Language: English, French 
  • Service: Cleaning, Housekeeping
  • Characteristics: Hardworking, Reliable, Experienced 
  • Location: Chalk Farm, Camden, Stoke Newington, Mayfair, Harringay, Clerkenwell

Congratulations to Prince- our housekeeper of the week! Prince is a highly experienced cleaner and takes pride in his work. He has experience of being a cleaning supervisor and always receives positive feedback. Prince enjoys football and likes to relax while getting stuck into a good book. Need a trustworthy cleaner in Camden or your windows cleaned in Harringay? Look no further! 

Some feedback from his lucky clients: 

"Prince is a very hardworking, punctual cleaner. He makes sure he cleans to the highest standard."

"Prince is really reliable and friendly. He cleans as if it is his own house. I never have to worry about things not getting done with Prince."

Check out his profile for more information! 

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Housekeeper of the week 20 May 2019


  • Language: English 
  • Service: Cleaning and Housekeeping 
  • Characteristics: Ambitious, Professional, Friendly, Detail orientated 
  • Location: Earlsfield, Kensington, Chiswick, Battersea, White City, Shepherds Bush, Pimlico, Westminster, Acton 

This month we have chosen the wonderful Tianna as our housekeeper of the week! Tianna is experienced in cleaning and has excellent attention to detail. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, reading and has recently started yoga. Tianna never disappoints when it comes to cleaning! Looking for laundry service in Kensington or a deep fridge clean in Pimlico, Tianna is the person for you!

Take a look at what her clients say about her:

"Tianna always does an amazing job. She is an all-around pleasant person."

"I was in desperate need for a good cleaner - I found Tianna online, she was quick with her response and was flexible with availability. She is professional and very friendly, she leaves my...

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How clean is your house?


Have you ever wondered how clean your house is? Well, there is no standard test to check the cleanliness of your house.

It is a very relative term as it depends on the person and how they deem cleanliness. But it is always better to have cleaning standards of your own and to test the house against it.

You need to ensure that your home is clean enough to keep your family in good health. Sometimes we get the feeling of everything being dirty and the need to clean in that case can be super overwhelming!

To make things easy, why not have a checklist of things to clean? We have created a list of tasks to check if your house is actually clean enough! We asked some of the best cleaners in Maida Vale and an experienced housekeeper in Stratford to help us compile this checklist:

You can choose the checklist yourself when cleaning your own home. You can also use it to check that your cleaner is doing a good job. You can hire a cleaner for the things you can’t do yourself. You...

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Housekeeper of the Week: 15th May 2019

  • Languages: English, Urdu
  • Services: Regular Cleaning, One-Off Cleaning, Fridge Cleaning
  • Characteristics: Friendly, Reliable, Hard-working 
  • Location: Hounslow, Brentford, Twickenham, Richmond

Fatima's amazing cleaning skills go beyond expectations! That's why she's our Housekeeper of the Week! With over 7 years of cleaning experience, Fatima has the experience to leave your home looking brand new. If you need a vetted cleaner in Richmond or a reliable weekly cleaning service in Twickenham, Fatima is the ideal choice!

Here are some kind words from her clients:

"Fatima is a very committed and hardworking cleaner. Willing to go out of her way to make sure everyone is happy. She is also very responsible and sensible "

"Fatima is a great cleaner, always leaves the house extremely clean. She is always on time."

For more information, take a look at her profile!

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Housekeeper of the week 13 May 2019


  • Language: English, Lithuanian 
  • Services: Cleaning and Housekeeping 
  • Characteristics: Responsible, Punctual, Friendly 
  • Location: Romford, Dagenham, Hornchurch, Upminster, Ilford, Goodmayes, Seven Kings, Barking

We could not be more excited to announce our cleaner of the week- meet Deimante! Deimante has a great eye for detail and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She loves both children and pets and in her free time she enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures. Need an experienced cleaner in Dagenham or a one off clean in Barking? Deimante has you covered!

Still not sure? Have a look at what some of her wonderful clients say about her: 

"Deimante has been cleaning my house for the past year, she is very responsible, hardworking, very friendly and a kind person. I'm extremely very happy with her work. "

"Deimante is very responsible, good at time keeping, fast and very reliable, I would recommend her...

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5 Biggest mistakes cleaners make with their customers


Everyone wants to be appreciated for the hard work that they do. All the hard work could be undone by one mistake that really upsets the customer.

To help you maintain good customer relations and get the appreciation you deserve, we have listed the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid.

biggest mistakes cleaners make with their customers image

1) Cancelling at the last minute

OK, sometimes this cannot be avoided, especially if you wake up with the flu. The important thing is to tell your customer IMMEDIATELY if you need to cancel and always give an option to reschedule. Customers hate last minute cancellations.

2) Being constantly late

5 biggest mistakes cleaners make with their customers image 2

Again, sometimes this cannot be helped, especially if the tube is down. Always let your customer know if you are going to be late and offer to make up the

time. Being constantly late is unprofessional and will damage your reputation.

3) Using wrong cleaning products

cleaning products

Be super careful with corrosive cleaning products, especially with granite or marble surfaces. Never use bleach...

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