Cleaning up London

You, Your Kids, and The Football World Cup!


The 2018 FIFA World Cup is the event that all football lovers have been waiting for. All eyes are focused on Russia, from June 14 to July 15.

We have some ideas to help you and your family make the most of the world cup.

Get out and play! 

Rediscover your childhood energy by heading to the park for a kick-about. Bring the kids out and share in their world cup excitement. It will do you good. Indeed, it is proven that doing physical activities helps reducing illnesses, keeping a healthy mind, being happier and having more coherent relationships. Also, it is a very good way to create stronger bonds with your kids.

Plan a family event 

Instead of staying at home watching the game, why not take the family out somewhere special. Most pubs and bars are not family-friendly so we have some suggestions of venues with a more chilled and relaxed atmosphere, with the possibility to make reservations: “The Grand” (in Clapham), “Vauxhall Street Food Garden” (in...

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Unexpected Dirtiest Household Objects


We all know that there are places in the house that host the perfect environment for microbes to thrive, such as toilets and dustbins.  However, there are a few less obvious places where bacteria unexpectedly lurk.

Kitchen sponge

Surprisingly, an article from TIME states that the kitchen sponge might be the dirtiest item in your home. It houses millions of microbes including salmonella and fecal bacteria. Therefore, wash these sponges in the dishwasher every week and don’t be lazy to replace them.

Cutting board

A study shows that a cutting board contains 200 times the number of fecal bacteria than a toilet seat. Those fecal matters originate from raw meat and linger on the grooves of the cutting board. Therefore, wash your cutting boards thoroughly and soak them in a solution of bleach and water.

Light switch

When in a public place, imagine the number of different people that touch a light switch, hence transferring germs from one person to another. When...

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Tips to beat the summer depression


Coming into summer, you might feel a little bit drowsy and unaccountably agitated. Don’t be too worried. Here are some ways to calm you down.

Clean your home

Dusting your house, hand-washing your clothes, decluttering your wardrobe, and buying some fresh food are the best remedies. While cleaning your house, you are also cleaning your minds and diverting your attention away from the heat.


Although it might be hot outside, open your window and let in some fresh air. Take a deep breath and feel the air in your lung. Exhaling and inhaling deeply can induce tranquility.

Declutter your minds

You can start by playing some soft music. Pleasant music can help cool your minds down. Try to clear your minds by writing down unfinished tasks. Prioritize the most important things and let go the least important ones. And don’t forget to breathe!


Happy summer!

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How to guide your kids to organise their toys


Kids don’t usually organise their things. They pick up their toys and throw them away everywhere. As parents, helping your kids to be organised is not hard as long as you’ve done all the basic works. Here are some tips to help your children get their toys oragnised.

Categorise Toys By Small Boxes

Prepare small boxes for your kids and guide them to put different toys into different boxes. Color-coded boxes can be a better idea as children are more sensitive to colors than to texts. You can start with organising toys together with your kids. After some time, they will gradually form a habit of categorising their toys even if they are by themselves.

Put Boxes in The Right Place

You will want to avoid putting boxes in hard-to-reach places for kids. The easier your kids reach the boxes, the more possible they will put their toys in the right place. Places like the living room, kids’ bedrooms, and the front yard are all ideal...

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Natural cleaning products


Are you afraid that some cleaning products might be toxic for you and your pets? Well, here are some natural alternatives.

Ground coffee beans

Ground coffee beans are good odour removers. After you make your flat white, you can save the beans and leave them in a small bowl. When they are completely dry, they can help deodorize your fridge, cupboard, and wardrobe.

Baking soda

Baking soda is the killer of stains and oil. When mixed with water and vinegar, it can dissolve dust, grease, and oil in your kitchen. It can also remove hard water stains in water boilers, coffee stains on clothing and polish silverware and jewellery.

Vodka and gin

Liquor can shine your silver and glass. Because of its high concentration of alcohol, it can also kill bacteria and is good for cleaning bathroom tiles. You can also replace special screen wipes with regular alcohol wipes.

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Tips to Keep Spiders Away


A gigantic spider landed at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this week. Oh, don’t be sacred. It was a robotic one. However, real spiders might be approaching your home as the lovely spring is here. Here are some insights into keeping spiders away.

Regular decluttering

According to Mr. Layton, an entomologist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, frequent decluttering reduces the risk of spider invasions. The next time you book your cleaning session, make sure the cleaner thoroughly vacuums all rooms, completely clearing all clutter, and will do this on a regular basis.

Thorough window cleaning

Spiders love to live or even lay eggs in your windowsills. Regularly washing your windows both inside and outside, vacuuming the windowsills, and dusting the window blinds would really help to keep them away.

Frequent air cleaning

Well, I don’t mean washing or dusting your air. Lighting up scented candles or burning essential oil would...

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A Peek into the Royal Childcare


Duchess Catherine and Prince William are welcoming their third royal baby. While they are busy taking care of the newborn prince, it’s a good time for us to peek into their ways of taking care of children.

Communication is key

The royal parents make sure that their children start networking when they are young. If the parents are away. They dedicate time for royal kids to interact and play with each other. If they are away, the royal nanny will be the one to talk and tell stories to little princes and princesses.


All royal mothers are required to breastfeed their royal babies. This is of course for the health of the babies. Even the Queen has breastfed her babies!

No nappies

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? The English royal family doesn’t use disposable nappies but fabric ones. This might be because they have time and effort to wash nappies and because this is a more eco-friendlier choice.

No trousers

Royal children only...

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Having Fun Painting Easter Eggs? Need Help To Remove Dye Stains?


Looking forward to painting some Easter eggs with your kids or friends during the Easter break? Easter egg dye can be rather painful if they stained your hands or your clothes. Here is the guide to remove these stains. The golden rule is to remove the stains as soon as you can. 

Firstly, here is a quick tip on preserving Easter eggs. Applying UV spray paint after each layer of dye helps to extend the lifespan of the dye on Easter eggs.

How to clean dye stains on your hands?

You can prevent stains by wearing rubber gloves. If you do get stains on your fingers, you should soak your hands in warm water as soon as possible. Then apply either a little scoop of baking soda and white vinegar or your toothpaste in your palm and gently rub against your hands. Don’t worry if the stains didn’t come off at once. They will, eventually.

On your clothes?

OK, this is the tough one. Please do not try to be fancy while painting...

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Tips to Clean Your Filthy Devices


Phones and laptops might be two of the dirtiest things that we carry around with us every day. Let’s question ourselves for a second. Have we ever brought our phone to the bathroom? Have we ever had lunch while watching dramas on our laptop? Well, I will admit it.

We need to clean these filthy devices NOW.

Take off and clean the cases

Phone cases protect your devices but also accommodate dirt. If they are not made of precious materials like real leather or silk, you can wash them under running water with some dish soap. If they aren’t washable, gently wipe them with disinfection wipes.


Clean your screens and keyboard

Before you do any cleaning, please make sure your electronics are switched off. You can use special screen cleaning wipes which claim to be anti-static to clean the screens and keyboard. Or you can simply use alcohol wipes to wipe out all the oil and kill all the bacteria on your devices. Cotton buds can be super helpful for...

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How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Your Kids


The Mayor of London has announced a range of events celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) in central London and Trafalgar Square. The celebration will last for two days from March 16th to March 18th. Are you ready to dress your children and yourself in shamrocks and dive into the celebration?

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

An interesting fact about the parade is that the tradition didn’t start in Britain but in America. In 1762, several Irish soldiers marched several blocks to a tavern in lower Manhattan, which marks the beginning of the long tradition. This year in London, the parade will begin at Greek Park and pass through Piccadilly and White Hall with vibrating Irish music and energetic Irish dance.

Family Zone – Pall Mall East

Pall Mall East, next to Trafalgar Square, on 17 March from 12-6pm will have a range of fun events and activities designed for families, including education on St. Patrick’s Day history, performances of fairytales...

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