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4 surprising tricks to clean silver !


Wouldn’t it be great to have clean and gleaming silverware  on your beautifully set table with perfectly shaped linen napkins and flowers ? You don’t want tarnished cutlery to create a major dark spot to your special occasion. 

We asked some domestic cleaners in Stoke Newington for some of the best home remedies to clean and polish silver that are chemical-free. These are the four surprising tricks to tackle even the most severely tarnished silver: Ketchup, toothpaste, banana peels and aluminium foil.

1. Tomato ketchup

The reason behind using ketchup is the fact that the acid in tomatoes reacts with the oxidization of the tarnished silver. You just need to pour ketchup into a plate and place the silver in it until its fully submerged. The silver can then rest in it for 10 minutes. You can then remove and rinse the silverware with warm water and pat dry it with a rag. This is undoubtedly one of the most unusual methods to clean silver.

2. Toothpaste

Well, it...

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Housekeeper of the week 8 April 2019

  • Language- English, Polish
  • Services: Cleaning and Housekeeping 
  • Characteristics: Professional, Experienced, Reliable, Adaptable 
  • Location: Fulham, Hammersmith, Hurlingham, Clem Attlee Court 

We are happy to announce that Jowita is our cleaner of the week! Jowita is originally from Poland and is very experienced in the housekeeping industry with over 9 years of experience. In her spare time, Jowita enjoys the outdoors and often goes for walks and hikes. If you are looking for a deep fridge clean in Fulham or an oven clean in Hammersmith, Jowita is the cleaner for you!

Have a look at what her lucky clients have to say about her work:

"An excellent cleaner very reliable, efficient and honest. I had her for almost a year and very happy with her. I only cancelled her services as I am going away for quite a while"

"Jowita has been the most reliable & dedicated worker I’ve ever used. I’m self-employed & don’t have time to...

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Housekeeper of the week 3 April 2019


  • Language: English, Bulgarian, Russian
  • Services: Cleaning and Housekeeping 
  • Characteristics: Hardworking, Punctual, Reliable
  • Location: Wood Green, Harringay, Holloway, East Finchley, Stoke Newington, Chalk Farm, Camden, Walthamstow

We are delighted to announce that our cleaner of the week is Mina! Mina moved to London from Bulgaria and has also lived in the USA where she was a childminder for a year. Mina has a passion for figure skating and enjoys cooking and sports. Whether you are searching for a one off clean in Camden or someone to do your food shop in Finchley, Mina is a great choice. 

Her clients have great things to say about her: 

"Mina is a great cleaner, she arrived very punctually and was very professional. I will definitely be booking her again."

"Mina always arrives on time. Very professional and polite. Efficient and quick. Cleaned to a very high standard and followed our instructions clearly. Would highly recommend her work....

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Housekeeper of the week 1 April 2019



  • Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish 
  • Services: Cleaning and Housekeeping 
  • Characteristics: Friendly, Reliable, Flexible 
  • Location: Kensington, Lambeth, Clerkenwell, Shepherds Bush, Battersea 

What better way to kick off April than by announcing our cleaner of the week? Congratulations Gisele! Gisele moved to London from Brazil and has a perfect blend of reliable cleaning skills with a caring personality. She is passionate about travelling and learning new languages. If you are searching for a regular clean in Kensington or someone to cook meals in Battersea, Gisele has you covered! 

Take a look at what some of her clients have to say about her:

"Gisele is my babysitter and cleaner. She is genuinely a lovely girl, very trustworthy and nice. She is reliable, always comes on time. She makes amazing healthy food for the kids, and she has a caring nature - which the most important thing for me."

"Gisele is a great professional who...

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5 places you may forget to clean in the house


Have you covered all the bases in your deep spring cleaning?

Many people book a cleaner
in order to save time on their schedule to create time to do more activities. However, no one knows your house better than you! So you may have taken this challenge on yourself to clean the entire house. In the chaos of tackling the laundry, kitchen, bathrooms and more all at once; there are some points that may be forgotten along the way.

Here’s a list of some of the things you might have forgotten while cleaning the house. Remember these spots and you’ll have a completely tidy house!

  1. Remote controls

We often overlook the multiple remotes we use every day. Whether it’s the kids or your own self, the remotes get the brunt of our sticky hands while changing to our favourite shows during snack time. Our remotes are used every day and if not cleaned hold a large amount of germs. Use a cloth and a disinfectant to resolve this issue quickly.


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How to treat your mum this Mother’s Day


Are you struggling to decide how to treat your mum this Mother’s Day?

They have been cleaning up after us most of our lives. Mothering Sunday is our chance to show our mums how much we appreciate everything they have done for us. Whilst treating our mums should be something we do all year round, it doesn’t stop us from wanting to make Mother’s Day extra special.

But deciding exactly how to show our appreciation can be difficult. Do we buy them a special gift they can cherish or take them out on a lavish day out?

Often the simplest things are often the most heartfelt ways of saying thank you. So, even if your budget is limited, your mum doesn’t like a fuss, or you simply want to do something different this year, we have put together great ways you can treat your mum at home this coming Mother’s Day!


  1. Do the housework

One of our reliable housecleaners from Crouch End says that the best way to treat your mum is by taking on all of the household...

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6 Steps to deep clean your wardrobe


Is your wardrobe so packed full of clothes that finding an outfit becomes a chore?

If so, it may be time to deep clean your wardrobe and there is no better time to do it than spring!

Even if you book a cleaner through a local cleaning services company for your spring cleaning, decluttering your wardrobe is one chore that is difficult to delegate!

So, we have put together an easy six step checklist, to make spring cleaning your wardrobe a little less daunting.

Follow these steps and your wardrobe will be looking neat and tidy in no time!


1. Take out everything

Yes. Everything! We often half-heartedly decide to clear out our wardrobes and end up neglecting the items stuffed in the bottom of our drawers. So, for a deep clean it is essential that all clothes are taken out and every drawer or compartment is emptied. Don’t worry about deciding if you want to keep each item at this stage. Just pile the clothes into categories, e.g. skirts, trousers and jumpers. It...

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International Women’s Day: Is there still a housework gender gap?


Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is dedicated to celebrating the amazing achievements of women around the world, from politicians and businesswomen, to all of the great women in our own lives.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter, which reminds us that today is also an opportunity to support the campaigns for greater gender equality.

Whilst campaigns striving to close the gender pay gap and promote greater equality in the workplace tend to receive much attention, the inequality in our own homes is often overlooked!

So, we have decided to mark this important date by highlighting the realities of the housework gender gap.


Who cleans most in your home?

In the 1960s women did at least 85% of the housework almost everywhere in the world! Luckily, we have come a long way since then, but women are still doing the bulk of the chores.

In fact, according to a recent study by Oxford University’s Centre for...

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6 Simple ways to spring clean your garden


Is your garden ready for Spring?

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time for the big spring clean! Whilst you may have your home spring cleaning checklist sorted, don’t forget your garden will need some TLC too!

Spring is a great time to tidy up the lawn, clear the weeds and clean the patio.

It’s time to throw open the doors and roll up your sleeves. Here are 6 great tips to help you get your garden back in shape for spring!


Power wash the patio

My patio is north-facing and has been covered with unsightly moss for longer than I care to remember. I’ve tried moss weed-killer in the past, but the moss turns brown for a bit and then laughs it off! Then I discovered this brilliant tool. I won’t lie and say that it was easy job. You will get a good work-out scraping the moss away, but the end result is very satisfying.

Once you have tackled the moss, it’s time to give the patio itself a thorough clean. Simply get a bucket of warm soapy...

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Brexit Deal or No Deal: What happens to your cleaner?


Will cleaning services in London be impacted by Brexit?

There are over 3.5 million EU nationals currently living in the UK. What happens if they decide to leave post-Brexit? Will the economy shrink? A no-deal Brexit could trigger a UK recession but we only really start thinking about it when we are impacted personally.

My housekeeper keeps my home from descending into chaos and I would be devastated to lose her! With the deadline only 35 days away, we wanted to know what EU cleaners and housekeepers would do in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

We surveyed over 3,000 cleaning and child care professionals on our database to understand their feelings towards Brexit and their intentions post-Brexit.


Key survey findings

Only 13% of cleaners say that they would leave the UK over a no-deal Brexit but a further 34% said that would leave if their earnings were impacted. Housekeepers that have lived in the UK for more than five years are more likely to stay regardless of what...

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