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5 Top tips for cleaning your laptop



Has your laptop ever suddenly stopped working? Cleaning your laptop is vital to keep your machine running efficiently. 

Sometimes dust and dirt can find its way into your laptop’s cooling vents causing it to overheat and switch off. Laptop keyboards are also a great place for bacteria to grow. To keep you and your laptop healthy, we have compiled our top cleaning tips.

1) Wipe your screen with microfibre cloth

If you need to clean the dust and smudge marks on your laptop monitor do not use rough paper or paper towels. If you use these materials the dust just clings to the surface and falls back onto the keyboard.  Rough fabrics or materials can also cause screen scratches.

The best material to clean a laptop screen is a microfibre cloth because it doesn’t leave any lint behind on the screen and its softness minimises any risk of scratches on the screen. Move the cloth in a circular pattern to clean and polish the surface. 


2) Use a hairdryer to blow away dust

Dust, dirt and crumbs often accumulate inside keyboard buttons as well as inside the keyboard.  It is really easy to remove all this nasty stuff with an ordinary hairdryer. 

Just direct the flow of air to the target area and in a matter of moments the keyboard will be cleaner. You can also use this tip to clean all outlets in the laptop such as USB slot/HDMI ports. Remember you should only use cold air flow and unplug or switch off the device before performing this cleaning tip.


3) Use a butter knife to clean the keys

This great method makes sure that the keys and buttons are thoroughly cleaned. First of all, you need to mix water with white vinegar in equal proportions and then pour some solution onto a microfibre cloth. Then take a butter knife and cover its edge with microfibre cloth. Now use the covered knife to remove any dirt from around the keys or buttons. 


4) Use baby wipes

Since most of the laptops have sleek and glossy surfaces, it is difficult to keep them looking shiny and clean. 

A great hack is to use baby wipes to clean the surfaces of the outer body of the laptop. This will ensure that the surfaces won’t have any exposure to harsh chemicals. It also cleans and removes all sorts of dust and smudge marks on the outer casing of the laptop.


5) Use a toothpick

Ports, vents and other narrow crevices can easily get clogged with dirt and dust. Since the laptops are part of our ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle, it is inevitable that mobile usage increases the chances of your laptop being affected by dust in the air. 

You can you a toothpick to clean out debris from these hard to reach places so that your connectivity is never compromised.