Top tips to spring clean your home


It’s that time of year where your house deserves a serious makeover. We’re not just talking about a general sweep or some light dusting – we’re talking about that yearly spring deep-clean that will transform your house from messy and mediocre to sparkling-clean five-star-hotel standard.

It’s going to take some hard work, which is why we are joined today by The Handy Squad, handyman services in London, who are going to share some of their top spring-cleaning tips.

Create a plan

Before you dive straight in, grab a pen and paper and start writing out a ‘to-do list’. Cleaning your entire house can be overwhelming, especially if there’s a lot to get done! Instead of having one large task with a single overall goal, break the job down into lots of little tasks. Start by writing out all the chores you know you need to complete and then organise them by room. For inspiration, check out Taste of Home’s spring cleaning checklist - but make sure you personalise and adapt the list to meet your home’s needs.

Work room-by-room

Clean your home one room at a time, and for each room, have an individual set of tasks. This allows you to have a clear plan for what you need to do and minimise procrastination. You also get the added bonus of a small celebration and feeling of satisfaction after you complete each room. Is the feeling of satisfaction just not enough motivation for cleaning your home? Why not relax and let someone else do it for you? Find a professional housekeeper today!


The first task for each room should be removing all of your unwanted clutter – after all, you don’t want to have to empty the contents of cupboards that have been collecting dust over the years, onto the carpet that you’ve just hoovered.

In your bedroom, empty out your wardrobe and get rid of the clothes you no longer wear. You can either donate them to charity, give them to a friend or sell them on second-hand clothing websites to make some extra cash. This article on Good Housekeeping recommends also removing last season’s clothes and putting them in storage – there’s no use for a Christmas jumper in July!

In your kitchen, get rid of any odd cutlery or rusted pans that sit at the bottom of your cupboard unused. If your chopping board is nearing the end of its life, treat yourself to a new one.

Deep clean

Put on comfortable clothing, play some music and grab your cleaning equipment. Once you’ve decided on which room to start with, you can get straight to work. Sparkles and Stretchmarks recommends “cleaning from the ceiling down” as dust and debris will fall on the floor and can easily be vacuumed after.

Make sure to reach every nook and cranny, leaving every part of your home to the highest standard of cleanliness. Remember, this isn’t just any cleaning, it’s spring cleaning. TidyChoice offers a one-off spring cleaning in London service, as well as regular bookings, and will help make your home the tidiest it has ever been.

The garden

Once you’ve completely transformed your interior, why not start on the outside? Tear down that mouldy, run-down fence and put up a brand new one. Plant some colourful flowers and mow the lawn. Give the shed a fresh coat of paint and install a birdbath – the world is your oyster, have fun with it!