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Spring Cleaning in London

A regular clean will keep your house feeling fresh and welcoming but sometimes you need to go one step further. A one-off spring clean gets every part of your home up to the highest standard of cleanliness and makes it easy to maintain.
Whether you want to deep clean specific rooms or get a full clean of your entire home, we can connect you with vetted, professional cleaners who will deliver the spring cleaning results you need.

Why book a spring cleaning service?

Sometimes a one-off spring cleaning service is the best solution to get your house as clean as you need it to be. Consider booking a spring clean in the following circumstances.
You need your home to be extra clean
Maybe you have neglected certain rooms for too long and the mess is out of control. Or maybe you need to impress a special guest. Perhaps certain tasks have been put-off for too long and you are now overwhelmed. A good spring clean is the solution.
You want to make sure every inch of your property is sparkling clean
It is usually a good idea to clean every last bit of your property at least once a year to prevent dirt, grime, and allergens from building up over time. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing! You deserve the peace of mind that only a truly deep clean can provide.
Your house is going on the market
When you are selling your property, any small detail can make or break a deal. A thorough spring clean will ensure that your house is ready to impress potential buyers, helping to expedite the moving process.
Move in cleaning
If you have just bought a new home, it is best to make sure it has been cleaned before moving in your furniture and belongings. You will have enough on your plate getting everything unpacked without needing to worry about cleaning the house.
Before a newborn arrives
If you have a baby on the way, it is essential that your house is deep cleaned before they come home. A good spring clean will give you the peace of mind that your newborn is entering a safe, hygienic house.

Why hire a spring cleaning professional through TidyChoice?

TidyChoice offers a great selection of local, vetted cleaners so you are certain to find the right match for your specific needs.
Our website allows you to book regular cleaning or a one-off deep clean depending on what you need. We also offer oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, ironing and laundry services to help you stay on top of your least favourite chores.
Please note that we do not offer end-of-tenancy cleaning. The cleaners do not bring cleaning equipment to your home so you need to provide a vacuum cleaner, bucket and mop. If you require steam cleaning then you need to provide equipment and instruct the cleaner.

What does a spring clean include?

No two homes are the same and we know that you have your own priorities. You can discuss any specific requirements with your cleaner before the session starts. A spring clean normally includes the following tasks.
  • Mirrors washed and buffed
  • Floor scrubbed and mopped
  • Sinks cleaned
  • Bathtub thoroughly cleaned and fixtures polished
  • Tiles scrubbed
  • Toilets disinfected and washed (including the base and back)
  • Oven cleaning including the oven hood and stove
  • Fridge cleaning
  • Sinks cleaned to perfection including taps and plughole
  • Cabinets and drawers cleaned inside and out
  • Appliances wiped down
  • Furniture and paintings dusted
  • Skirting boards wiped down
  • Carpet hoovered
  • Windowsills dusted and cleaned
  • Cobwebs removed
Hallways & living rooms
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Skirting boards wiped down
  • Surfaces dusted
  • Window interiors thoroughly cleaned
  • Fingerprints cleared from lightswitches

How to book a spring clean

You can book a one-time spring cleaning service by choosing the one-off option in the frequency menu. Additional services may be selected by clicking on the oven, fridge or window cleaning options. Remember to allocate an extra 30 minutes for each oven or fridge that requires cleaning.You can adjust the estimated hours and if you have any special requirements. You can also book ironing and laundry services.
If you already have a regular booking or want to book regularly, you can arrange a spring clean with your regular cleaner. They will have a good idea for how long this will take so don’t hesitate to get their opinion. If your cleaner believes they will need more time than has been allocated they will let you know before beginning to clean.

Before your spring clean

Take steps to make sure that your cleaner can easily access any areas that require a deep clean. If you have booked a fridge or oven clean, make sure they are empty before your cleaner arrives.
As with a regular clean, you will need to supply standard cleaning supplies or pay an additional hourly rate for the supplies to be brought to your home by the cleaner.

Cost of a spring clean

Each cleaner sets their hourly rates and spring cleans are charged at the same rate as regular cleans.
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