3 Great Tips to Clean a Sofa


In this article, we share our top 3 tips on how to clean sofa and keep it in tip-top condition. Cleaning sofa can feel like a lot of work, but we know some quick tricks for making your sofa as fresh as new! Many of the materials needed to clean sofa must already be in your kitchen. So let’s get started with it!

#1 Always check the label first

It is highly recommended to check the label of the upholstery before cleaning. You can usually find it in the footing of the sofa. You can also check with the manufacturer if you are unsure about it.

The code on the label shows you how to clean the sofa fabric. Our professional housecleaner from Islington let us know that there are some common cleaning codes found on sofas such as:

  • W: This indicates that water can be used for cleaning.
  • SW: This indicates that either water or any solvent cleaner can be used. It also means that steam is safe to use.
  • S or P: This means that only a solvent cleaner can be used on the fabric for dry clean only.
  • X: This indicates that only vacuum should be used for cleaning. It also means that these sofas should be professionally cleaned.

#2 Remove dirt and grime

Start with removing cushions and detaching the sides of the sofa to see any lost properties like credit cards, or any kind of rubbish. Then, grab a vacuum cleaner and hook upholstery attachment to it. Gently move the vacuum cleaner on the entire sofa to suck up all the crumbs and dust in an efficient manner. You can use the crevice tool attachment on your vacuum to broom the crooks and the seams.

#3 Spot cleaning

Now after vacuuming, you should inspect if there are any spots on your sofa. It is easier to remove stains on a leather sofa, as you just need a wet cloth to clean it up. Whereas, if you have a fabric sofa, you will need to try spot cleaning.

For spot cleaning, you will require a measuring jar to mix 1-part of washing liquid and over 4-parts of warm water. Mix it until you get a thick foam so that it is easy to spread on the sofa. Take a soft bristled brush to scrub the foam on the spot. Take a spoon or a spatula to remove the dirty form. And once, that is done, take a clean light coloured cloth and moisten it a bit. Wipe off the residual spumes from the stain with it.

However, to remove tough stains from sofa, you would need some tougher cleaning materials such as white vinegar. A top tip from one our reliable cleaners in Hackney is to make a solution with equal parts of water and white vinegar, then dab it onto the spot on the sofa fabric. Let it rest for a few minutes and then gently wipe it off with a clean micro-fibre rag. Lastly, mix washing liquid with lukewarm water and rub it over the spot area. But, make sure to not use too much water as it can leave stains and can cause damage to the fabric. Let it dry off itself to see a spotless sofa!

Alternatively, book a professional sofa cleaning service and let them do all these wearying tasks for you!

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