When was the last you cleaned your blinds? Blinds are tricky things to clean so if you are like most people, it was probably a long time ago. Because your blinds are probably due a thorough clean, we have come up with the ultimate guide for cleaning all types of blinds.

In this post we’ll explain the correct way to clean your blinds without damaging them. We had some help compiling this list from one of our domestic cleaners in Knightsbridge. To get started you need 1) a vacuum with hose attachment 2) warm water 3) microfibre cloth 4) easy clean duster 5) mild dish soap                                                                                             

Cleaning vertical blinds

When cleaning vinyl vertical blinds, be careful when handling the vanes as the tabs at the top of the vanes can easily break off if they are pulled too far in either direction. It may be easier to remove the vanes from the clips when cleaning.

To remove dust from vinyl vanes, wipe the slats with the microfiber cloth.

For more stuck-on grime you can wipe vanes with soapy water and a microfiber cloth. If the blinds are very dirty, soak them in a tub before wiping them with a cloh.

Cleaning Venetian blinds

How clean is your house? As they say, ‘your house is not truly clean till your venetian blinds are clean’. So, get you cleaning gloves on and we will explain you how to properly clean your beloved venetian blinds without damaging them. 

You need an old, thick cotton sock. Turn the sock inside out and use the fuzzy part of the inside to do the dusting. This way your hand is protected just in case the venetian blinds slats are sharp. To stop dust gathering on blinds, use an anti-static dryer sheet. This will actually repel the dust for a good long time. 

Cleaning fabric blinds

For the cleaning of fabric blinds make sure not to use abrasive cleaners that may scratch the vane surface. Fabric vertical blinds can usually be cleaned without removing the vanes. 

To remove dust, sweep down the fabric with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, while supporting from behind. For stains you can spot clean with a microfibre cloth and warm soapy water. Dab the stain to remove and never scrub as this can cause pilling.

Soaking fabric vanes can cause them to lose their shape or their dust repellent coating. Never wash fabric vanes in the washing machine as they could shrink or crumble out of shape.

Cleaning roller blinds

Before starting, you need a vacuum cleaner with hose attachment, warm water, a microfibre cloth, a sock, and a mild dish soap. The first step in cleaning the roller shades is to determine whether your fabric is vinyl or not. Vinyl shades will feel slick and often smell like plastic whilst fabric shades have a woven feel and are often thinner. 

Vinyl shades are coated with plastic so they can be wiped down with warm soapy water for cleaning. Be sure to use a clean microfibre cloth and mild dish soap. When you are finished, leave the shade lowered to dry. Never submerge roller sheets in water as it may damage internal mechanisms. 

If the roller shades are fabric, they should only be dusted and never cleaned with water. To lift away the dust you can use the brush attachment of your vacuum and sweep across while you support the fabric from the back. This will prevent the fabric from being crumbled and sucked into the hose. 

Cleaning wooden blinds

When it comes to wooden blinds it really comes down to how dirty the blinds are. So, before you start with your cleaning frenzy please make a good observation on the condition of the blinds. 

For wooden blinds requiring mild cleaning you could use the vacuum brush attachment and suck off the dust from the wooden blinds or you could use the feather duster to go over the blinds remove the excess dust. 

For thorough cleaning, use a microfibre cloth. Dip it in warm water and wipe off any dirt from the wooden blinds. This will ensure the wooden blinds are clean and shiny. 

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If you are unsure of the correct methodology or don’t have time to tackle the blinds then consider hiring a professional cleaner. Whether you need to find someone to do a one-off clean or a vetted housekeeper in Putney, TidyChoice is a great site to find what you're looking for! 

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