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6 Fast and Easy Ways To Remove Dog Hair From Your Furniture


Does pet hair go everywhere around your home? You see it all over your floors, sofa, curtains and even clothes! We love our pets too much to get too annoyed with them. 

If this is really bothering you, we suggest you groom your dog more often, cover the furniture with a sheet or towel and train them not to climb on furniture. 

You cannot prevent all pet hair from being shed around your home. We have some simple tricks to help you clean up after your beloved pet. 

1. Use a lint roller

Using a lint roller will help clean the hair that is stuck to your sofa. It is easy and you can go over the furniture and clothes or even the dog itself!  Using a lint roller will not harm the dog or the furniture.

2. Use tape

Another way of removing the stubborn dog hair from furniture is by using tape. Just flatten a section of sticky tape against the furniture, leave it for a bit and peel it off. Duct and masking tape are perfect for this case, but you might need to repeat the process to get all the hair off. 

If you are using a dust tape, you should be careful with furniture that is coated in paint or another thin veneer, as it is stronger than most types of tape. If you still prefer duct tape, do not leave it for longer than a few seconds. It might peel away the paint from your furniture. 

You could make yourself a substitute for a lint roller using tape. Put it around your hand so that the sticky side is facing out. Start patting the furniture and the hair should come off with the tape. 

3. Use A Damp Washcloth

Another way to remove the dog’s hair from any fabric surface is by using a damp washcloth. Start wiping the clothes or cushions in one direction and the hair should lift off. You could try using a wet sponge to remove the hair from carpets. Wipe it in one direction and the hair should pile up, so you can pick it up after that.


4. Hoover the furniture

Cleaning the hair off your furniture with a hoover may or may not work. You should use either the detachable hose of the hoover or a small handheld hoover. Simple things you could do are:

  • Use a window squeegee to remove most of the hair. Run through the furniture with it, the same way you do with windows and push all the fur into one spot. 
  • Do not use the hoover if there is too much fur. This could clog it up and damage it.

5. Use a toothbrush

If there is some clingy hair, then you can use an old toothbrush. Do not plan to use the toothbrush for anything else because dog hair is hard to clean out between brush bristles. 

An easier option would be using a fur removal brush, which is much larger than a toothbrush. It’s easy to use because it has a special design to collect loose fur. 

6. Use rubber gloves

Put on the rubber gloves and damp them with water so the hair could stick to them. Run your hand over the surface to attract them. When the gloves are covered with hair, you can rinse them and repeat if you need to. You could use a wet sponge if you don’t have any rubber gloves. 


It is good to know these simple tricks on how to clean the dog’s hair off your furniture. You should remember that it is important to brush the dog more often so you can avoid hair all over your furniture. If you do not have time for that, then you could cover your dog’s favourite furniture with blankets.