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We scour the world for the best cleaning tips and take inspiration from expert authors. We have compiled a list of the best books about cleaning in order of Amazon Bestsellers ranking.


Hinch Yourself Happy: All The Best Cleaning Tips To Shine Your Sink And Soothe Your Soul – By Sophie Hinch (Mrs Hinch)

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 20 in Books

Mrs (Sophie) Hinch offers not only a ‘how to’ but a ‘why to’ guide to caring for your home and family. ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’ effortlessly guides you on a mesmerizing and revolutionary journey from expert recommendations on health and safety to cleaning and childcare. ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’ is a personal guide to the art of household management.

Hinch advocates that you owe it to yourself to make your homes as pleasant as possible. ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’ will ensure that your housekeeping not only benefits your health and efficacy but brands your home as a welcoming, cosy and clean environment.

One of our experienced cleaners in Fulham says 'Hinch Yourself Happy' is one of her personal favourite books!  

“My new cleaning goddess”- Allison Pearson, The Daily Telegraph 

“Doing for household chores what Marie Kondo did for tidying. A step-by-step guide to achieving a spotless and immaculately tidy home” – The Daily Mirror

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing – By Mario Kondo

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 189 in Books

Making Amazon's top 200 bestselling books and an overall international bestseller, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ explains the extravagant psychology behind simplifying and organising your home. Mario Kondo features Tokyo’s latest lifestyle phenomenon of a clean and tidy home and the calm, clear and motivational mindset it can inspire.

Due to the popularity and success of ‘The life- changing magic of tidying up’, the expressed style of living has been renamed as the ‘KonMari method’. Kondo divides the 213 page book into five easily digestible chapters, each factually expressing how there is no other better lifestyle of living.

“It is enough to salute Kondo for her recognition of something quietly profound: that mess is often about unhappiness, and that the right kind of tidying can be a kind of psychotherapy for the home as well as for the people in it.” (The Times)

“The tidiness regimen prescribed by Japanese author Marie Kondo is a great idea. It’s so great that maybe we need to expand its reach“ (Guardian)

How To Clean Your House: Easy tips and tricks to keep your home clean and tidy up your life – By Lynsey Crombie 

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 5,230

Do you find household chores getting on top of you? Lynsey Crombie nicknamed ‘Lynsey Queen of Clean’ perfectly provides the solution. ‘How to Clean your House’ is written on a personal understanding, expressing the fact that being a busy working mum of three can be very difficult.

One of our professional housecleaners in Islington loves this book and says that it is packed with home remedies, step-by-step guides, simple tips and motivational tricks, that would save you massive amounts of time that you can spend on truly important things. In addition, ‘How to clean your house’ provides Lynsey’s personal recommendations for an eco-friendly and toxic free home, making it the ultimate guide for a successful and fun housekeeping experience.

“A cracker of a book packed with tips, you’ll feel instantly organised.”– Aggie MacKenzie

Mary’s Household Tips and Tricks: Your Guide to Happiness in the Home – 

By Merry Berry

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 6,475 in Books

Merry Berry, renowned as the Queen of British Baking, has mastered another area of the household, cleaning. ‘Mary’s Household Tips and Tricks’ is a 277 paged book that is beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written with a soft and comprehensive perspective on household jobs, problems and solutions.

Packed full of hands-on tips for maintaining a stunning home, Berry highlights how “home should be a place where, if you have a family, they want to visit, come in and instantly relax”. As always Mary Berry is so practical and inspiring for achieving success in housekeeping, making this book the perfect gift for first time buyers.

“The Queen of British Baking has whipped up a recipe for ‘home happiness’ in her new book”(Independent) “Mary Berry lives and breathes good old-fashioned values, with a dash of steely trail-blazing” (Guardian)

Simply Clean: The Proven Method for Keeping Your Home Organized, Clean, and Beautiful in Just 10 Minutes a Day – By Becky Rapinchuck

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 76,815 in Books

Becky Rapinchuck, blogger of ‘Clean Mama’, perfectly establishes the importance of routines within housekeeping productivity. ‘Simply Clean’ offers tools and motivation to apply the step by step tutorials and simple instructions to effortlessly clean and reform your home into the tidy, cosy environment you deserve in just 10 minutes. Rapinchuck writes in the casual tone of understanding, cleaning can be time consuming and sometimes the last chore you want to be doing but ‘Simply Clean’ positively changes your behaviour in maintaining a standard of housekeeping we all aspire towards.

“The books aim: “keeping your home organized, clean, and beautiful in just 10 minutes a day”—and it certainly delivers.” – Apartment Therapy

The power of less – By Leo Babauta 

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 151,251

‘The Power of Less’ is written by Leo Babauta. the mastermind behind ‘Zen Habits’.  In the top 150 thousand of Amazons best sellers, the 192page guide evokes the two major problems we encounter in modern society: Information overload and task overload.

Throughout this book Babauta continuously suggests that we evaluate our lives, to motivate a framework of simplicity and importance. By removing clutter from our work, home and life ‘The Power of less’ explains how we can allow ourselves to focus on what is truly important and to find greater personal satisfaction and efficiency in cleansing ourselves; contradicting modern culture. 

‘The Power of less’ can be summarised by Babauta stating how “Simplifying isn’t meant to leave your life empty, it’s meant to leave space in your life for what you really want to do.”

“Babauta has become a powerhouse of online productivity for good reason: his mantra works.” (Timothy Ferriss, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek)

“Just the thing when you’re feeling overwhelmed, his strategies for organising stuff (email, admin, life generally) are easy to follow.” (Red Magazine 2011-02-01)

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