How to clean a dishwasher


Here we share our top tips on how to clean a dishwasher and ensure that your dishes continue to sparkle after every wash.

When you press the button to start your dishwasher, you would think your dishwasher would also clean itself in the process.  But unfortunately this is not the case. We spoke to one of our experienced cleaners in Brockley and she had some pointers to pass on to help her clients with regular dishwasher maintenance. 

After every cleaning cycle pieces of food and other gunk can pile up and block your dishwasher’s filters. The absence of a regular clean of your dishwasher leaves it susceptible to producing poor results and could lead to you incurring unnecessary costs should it breakdown. And nobody wants that.

Remove and rinse the dishwasher filter

Have you ever wondered how the loose bits of food stuck to your dishes are removed as your dishwasher performs its job? The answer is the filter of your dishwasher. The filter’s primary purpose is to trap any food and dirt on your plates during the wash cycle. As a result, cleaning your dishwasher filter is vital and something which you should incorporate regularly into your cleaning routine.

Cleaning the filter of your dishwasher can be achieved rather easily. Cleaning your filter requires you to first unlock it from your dishwasher. After that fill up a bucket with warm water and add any washing up soap to it. Then place the filter into the bucket and scrub away using a light brush or a sponge. Finally rinse the soap away from the filter under the tap before putting the filter back into place.

Don’t forget to clean the spray arms

Spray arms are another key component of your dishwasher. Spray arms areresponsible for providing the hot water used to cleanse your dishes. Without a regular clean, spray arms can become clogged and may lead to your dishwasher not performing as well as you’d expect.

Fortunately, cleaning and unclogging the spray arms from your dishwasher requires minimal effort. Start of by removing the spray arms from your dishwasher. Then soak the spray arms in a bucket of warm water and use a piece of wire to pierce through the gaps. Finally reattach the spray arms back to your dishwasher.

Clean your dishwasher with white vinegar and lemon juice

Instead of going out to buy a branded dishwasher cleaner from your local supermarket, giving your dishwasher that fresh feeling can be done using items that are sure to be lying around at home.

A combination of lemon juice and white vinegar can be an effective way of wiping the seals of your dishwasher. Both lemon juice and white vinegar are proven ingredients in removing grime and tough stains and therefore are a great way of getting your dishwasher to glow. First, fill a half a bucket up with warm water before adding a gentle amount of lemon juice and white vinegar. Then use the mixture and a sponge to wipe down the seals thoroughly.

Alternatively, you could add equal amounts of white vinegar and lemon juice into the top of your dishwasher and run it through a warm cycle, without any of your dishes. This method  is just as effective in removing any grime that may exist on your dishwasher.                                                         

 Invest in dishwasher salt

Investing in dishwasher salt is crucial for the health of your dishwasher. Not only does it prevent the build up of limescale, but it is also used to soften the water that the dishwasher uses to clean your dishes. Dishwasher salt is widely available and can be easily found in your local supermarket at an affordable price.

And there you have it, a few key tips to help you clean your dishwasher effectively. We hope that they come in handy the next time you are cleaning your dishwasher. For any other household items that need a clean you could always book a housekeeping professional in Barnes who would be happy cater to all of your needs.

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