In this article, we provide the best tips and methods to clean your oven. You can keep your oven clean with this easy six-step maintenance that doesn't take much time but will help get your oven cleaned and in good working condition. If your oven isn't regularly cleaned, then it could result in unpleasant smells, food residue on the bottom or a door splattered in grease.


To thoroughly clean your oven, start by turning it off to avoid burning yourself while you scrub it. Take out any pans, pots, and oven racks and set them aside. For the pre-cleaning solution, blend in some warm water and washing liquid and soak your oven with it. Leave this overnight on low heating mode or alternatively, spray the oven inside out with an oven cleaner and leave it overnight. Most of your job will be done by the time you wake up. You can even soak the baking trays with the soapy water mixture. This will save your time and energy on superfluous scrubbing.


After steaming the oven with oven cleaner or the mixture of warm water and washing liquid, wooden spoons are helpful in scraping out burn offs and toothbrushes can be used to reach and scrub specific spots. Another option is to mix equal parts baking soda and white vinegar to make a paste. Next, apply it onto any stubborn areas of grease or burnt-on food. Leave it for a few hours and then scrub off.

No matter which method you choose, decent sponges will be needed to rub off dirt and oils. For the baking trays, baking soda should be used in combination with boiling water. Scrub the grease after an hour of soaking. After cleaning the inner aspects of the oven, it’s time to make the glass door spotless and glinting again. For this, you can apply a mix of hot water and oven cleaner to the door and wipe it off with the sponge. Use a clean dry rag to rub off the wet door into a glowing oven.


To fully restore your dear oven, purge nasty odours. This is quite simple! Just make a solution of lemon and warm water and place it in the oven in a heat resistant bowl. Heat the oven on a temperature between 50-60 degrees and let it stay in it overnight. You can in fact enhance the oven's fragrance by complementing warm water with your choice of essential oils.

Alternatively, you can freshen up your oven by using a solution of vanilla and water. Start by filling an oven-proof bowl with a bit of water before adding one teaspoon of vanilla extract to it. Next up, put the dish in the oven and heat for an hour. This will leave your oven smelling fresh and fragrant.


You can either put in all this effort yourself or just put your feet up!. You can book a reliable professional cleaner instead that will finish all the stressful cleaning tasks for you. 

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