Top 5 Cleanest Disney Characters


Have you ever wondered which Disney characters are the cleanest…? Of course you have! Luckily for you at TidyChoice we have all major Disney cleaning characters registered on our website. Feel free to browse their profiles and see if they are available to work in your area. You may want to enquire about their availability, Beast is very busy nowadays.



I am very experienced at cleaning. My stepmother and step sisters always say I am the best at cleaning, so they make me do it. In my spare time I like to practice ballroom dancing, but I also like Salsa. I cover #Oxfordshire, #BlenheimPalace, #Windsor



If anyone is asking, especially Belle, I am a great cleaner. In my spare time I like to cause town mobs and pursue women who hate me.

“No one is as clean as Gaston, tidy as Gaston, mops like Gaston!”

I cover, #Beast’sCastle, #HouseOfMouse



I am a young upstart. I do not have a lot of experience, but keeping my hair clean is a full-time job in itself. I am very trustworthy and would really appreciate the chance to prove myself – I have been stuck in a tower most of my life, but I imagine I would be great at cleaning other people’s towers. I cover #TowerofLondon, #BTTower and I'll take on the occasional client as a regular cleaner in Canary Wharf if you live on the top floor!



People believe that I have no love in my heart, but that is wrong – I love cleaning. Despite acting angry and serious on the outside, on the inside I have a passion for helping others. It is when I am cleaning someone’s kitchen that I feel most human.

In my spare time I like to read books and groom house plants. I cover #RenaissanceFrance

Snow White


I am diligent and am very good at organising meals and cleaning up after medium-sized groups – usually around 7. My one drawback is that I have irregular sleep patterns and have bad reactions to fruit – apples in particular. I cover #Forests, #Cottages and I also like the sound of working as a housekeeper in Swiss Cottage!

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