Cleaning up London

Annual Cleaning Task Checklist




There are a few cleaning tasks that should be done at least once-a-year. When these tasks are done, your quality of your life will be so much better, and your home healthier. These annual tasks are like medicine for a healthy and happy home. But what does a yearly house cleaning schedule look like?

To make the tasks manageable, they can be spread across the year according to the seasons. The yearly cleaning schedule will help you to keep your home looking spotless from Spring through to Winter!



Spring is a great time to do some clearing-out after the Winter months indoors. Over the course of a year, the kitchen and garage accumulate clutter and Spring is a good time to clear them out. Your gutters accumulate debris over the Fall and Winter months and Spring is an excellent time to get them back in perfect working order.

Kitchen and pantry 

Now is the best time to organise your kitchen and pantry. Begin with a declutter. Remove and dispose of any old or expired foods that may have been forgotten about at the back of cupboards.

Review remaining items and group them into similar categories. This will make it easier to find the right items when cooking or baking. Storage features like a Lazy Susan can make it easier for you to access items like spices or jars.

Use space efficiently. Place frequently used items near the front of cupboards and shelves so they can be retrieved easily. Drawer organisers can add more functionality to your drawers and order things like cutlery or utensils effectively.



Start by throwing out any items that are no longer needed or that are old. You could also donate any items that are in good condition but of no use to you. Organise remaining items into the storage space you have available.

The floors of the garage can gather a great deal of dust and debris. Solve this by thoroughly sweeping the floor. To make this more efficient, vacuum the floor and the walls removing any dust or spider webs.



Use a ladder to access the gutters with ease. It is recommended that you wear a long sleeve top and durable rubber gloves.

You can purchase plastic gutter scoops to remove any gunk, but a plastic spoon or spatula would work just as fine. Finish off by gushing water through the gutters using the garden hose. The water will force out any remaining gunk or dirt. 



Make the most of the warm weather by cleaning up the garden with these summer cleaning tips. Hot and sunny weather also provides a great opportunity to refresh mattresses and rugs. 

Patio & Decking

When it comes to a patio, a power washer can make cleaning simple and fast. But if you don’t have a power washer, try using warm soapy water and a broom to scrub away any weeds or dirt.

With wooden decking, a mixture of equal parts vinegar and warm water and a broom is required. Brush the decking with the vinegar and water solution along the direction of the grain of the wood.


Garden Furniture

Metal or plastic garden furniture can simply be wiped down using a mixture of warm water and soap. Using a sponge clear any dirty or grimy marks on the furniture. However, for wooden furniture, start with a cloth soaked in a warm water and soap mixture. Scrub tougher stains away using a bristle brush or sandpaper. Finish off with a coating of teak oil which will protect the wood.


BBQ Grill

Use this trick to keep your BBQ grill sparkly clean and ready for those summer BBQ parties. Cut half a large onion and use this to scrub the grates of the grill removing any leftover food or rust. Finish off by brushing off any remaining debris with a brush or damp cloth.



Good sleep is so important for our physical and mental health. A clean and comfortable mattress is key for a good night’s sleep.

Bring the mattress outdoors on a sunny day. Using a baseball bat or anything similar, strike the mattress multiple times to initially remove any dust or dirt.

Then vacuum both sides of the mattress to properly remove any debris, dead skin or dust. Sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the mattress, this helps remove any unwanted odour and absorb any moisture. After vacuuming one side, repeat this on the other side of the mattress.

Then proceed to take a mixture of warm water and vinegar, and spray over the mattress. This will help remove any stains. Scrub the mixture vigorously into the fabric to achieve a brand new look. 



As the days draw in, we will be spending more time indoors. It is a good time of year to make your living room and sofa as clean and comfortable as possible for cozy nights in. 


Start by removing all parts and cushions of the sofa. Vacuum all individual parts of the sofa to remove any initial debris.

Mix one part dishwashing liquid with four parts warm water, and scrub the sofa with a cloth soaked in the solution. This should remove any clear stains and extract remaining dirt.

Use a similar solution with the addition of vinegar to tackle tougher more prominent stains. Blot these stains or marks with a cloth dampened in the new solution. Allow the sofa to dry entirely before vacuuming for a second time.



Firstly, rinse curtains in cold water. Hand wash in a mixture of water and fully dissolved detergent, or in the washing machine following recommended instructions. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the curtains in the detergent water.

Iron the curtains lengthways while they’re still damp but not soaking wet, this helps them keep their shape. Once ironed, hang up the curtains while they still hold some dampness as this allows for them to drop and further keep their original shape.



Winter is a good time to check out, maintain and clean the appliances that we rely so heavily upon. We take our kitchen appliances for granted but with a little attention they can be so much more effective that we can really notice the difference. 

Kitchen Appliances

In general, to clean stainless steel and other metal surfaces of water marks or other stains, use lemon by wiping down to leave a crystal clear shine. If there are tougher food stains, sprinkle salt onto the lemon and scrub the stains away.



Take a solution of one part baking soda and one part vinegar, pour into a glass or container that can be placed in the dishwasher, and run the washing cycle as usual. This natural remedy will allow for any clogs in the drains to be removed.

The filter gathers food particles that can build up. Remove the filter from the dishwasher and soak in a warm soapy water. Use a toothbrush to remove any food or other build up.

During the washing cycle, spray arms dispense hot water and can become blocked over time. Similarly, remove them from the machine and soak them in warm soapy water.


Washing Machine

The washing machine can be cleaned similarly. Take two cups of vinegar and dispense it into the washing machine in place of the usual detergent. Run a hot cycle using the vinegar to clear any dirt. Be sure not to have any clothes in during the cycle!

Specialist washing machine tablets can be bought which help clean the internal components of the machine. Simply, run a standard cycle using these tablets. Investing in a good quality brand of tablets can help improve performance and quality.

Additionally, it is recommended that the washing machine door be left open after each wash to avoid any build up of mould.



By following this annual cleaning schedule, you will be able to spread out your chores and save yourself from the urge to tackle the whole house in one go. Staying on top of things will leave you with more time to relax and enjoy your lovely, clean home.