Living with Your Children’s Creativity – How to Erase Drawings from Walls


Drawings and markings on walls are common in houses with young children. Luckily, in many cases, these marks need not be permanent. You can erase drawings from walls through a variety of techniques depending on the materials initially used to create them.

Today, TidyChoice provides readers with some advice on the best way to remove wall marks caused by some common materials children may get hold of, including coloured pencils, crayons, and pens.

However, before we begin, it is worth remembering that different walls may respond differently to each cleaning tactic, depending on whether they are covered by wallpaper or paint.  In particular, you should be more careful when trying to clean wallpaper, as it can be damaged more easily by some cleaning material.

How to Remove Coloured Pencil Off the Wall

Coloured pencil marks can be cleaned off walls with baby wipes or a damp sponge and a small amount of washing-up liquid. If you are trying to clean the marks off a...

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Preparing for the Halloween Clean-Up: What You Need to Know


Trick or Treat?

That is the phrase that is most associated with the Halloween season. However, do not get overjoyed by the nice little smiles directed at you by cute dressed-up children as they stand in front of your house asking for sweet treats. It is common knowledge that tricking is a relatively standard practice, even among the loveliest-looking zombie in town.

This October, TidyChoice’s blog brings you some advice on how to deal with the most scary thing about Halloween – the tricksters’ mess.


Eggs are among the most common instruments used by Halloween pranksters. When your house is egged, its wall will be left with a sticky liquid mess that requires special cleaning techniques to deal with.

To resolve this situation, clean the mess as soon as possible, as sunbaked yolks can easily stain your wall. Begin by applying warm water to the bottom of your siding and work upwards to the eggs’...

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Preparing Your House for Your Date’s First Visit


First Impressions are very important, and the first time your date steps into your place is no different. Even if your dirty and unorganised self will eventually reveal itself to your date over time, it is crucial to make his/her first step into your house a memorable one – in a good way.

Today, TidyChoice presents you with some tips on how to prepare your house for that first visit by your special someone:

  • Vacuum and Dust Keeping the dust away is a great way to signal your ability and willingness to sustain long-term relationships (in this case, with your house). Dust removal also makes a great difference on how your place looks, and you never want to trigger your invitee’s dust allergy!

  • Check the Smell If needed, leave your windows open for a bit for ventilation prior to your date. Freshen your bathroom and leave a freshener there just in case. However, don’t just spray your freshener on everything....

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Unexpected Dirtiest Household Objects


We all know that there are places in the house that host the perfect environment for microbes to thrive, such as toilets and dustbins. That is why we take extra care to clean these places. However, there are a few less obvious places where bacteria unexpectedly lurk. Here is our list of the more surprising places:


  1. Kitchen sponge

Surprisingly, an article from TIME states that the kitchen sponge might be the dirtiest item in your home. It houses millions of microbes including salmonella and fecal bacteria. Clearly, households do not replace or clean their sponges often enough. Therefore, wash these sponges in the dishwasher every week and don’t be lazy to replace them.

2.             Phone

Do you take your phone with you to the bathroom? Most people carry their phones every day, everywhere they go, so it’s no surprise that these handheld devices collect a wide range of microbial colonies. The fact...

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Problems faced by cleaners while cleaning houses


Here at TidyChoice we are aware of the daily challenges that face our registered cleaners. Being a housecleaner is far from an easy job and sometimes homeowners do not make cleaners’ tasks any easier. Here are 5 problems faced while cleaning house.

Not enough cleaning products

Sometimes, despite homeowners claiming that they will provide cleaning products, there is nothing to use. This could be because they only want organic cleaning solutions or are very picky with their choice of brands. Furthermore, sometimes homeowners fail to provide a mop which can result in cleaners having to wash floors on their hands and knees.

Washing Up a disorganised home

Pans and plates that have been soaked are infinitely easier to clean. If they are not, this makes a cleaner’s job of finishing within a given time-frame infinitely more difficult. Furthermore, if toys and paper are strewn everywhere, cleaners first have to clean this clutter away before they can start on the surfaces.


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Disney characters that clean


Have you ever wondered which Disney characters are the cleanest…? Of course you have! Luckily for you at TidyChoice we have all major Disney cleaning characters registered on our website. Feel free to browse their profiles and see if they are available to work in your area. You may want to enquire about their availability, Beast is very busy nowadays.



I am very experienced at cleaning. My stepmother and step sisters always say I am the best at cleaning, so they make me do it. In my spare time I like to practice ballroom dancing, but I also like Salsa. I cover #Oxfordshire, #BlenheimPalace, #Windsor



If anyone is asking, especially Belle, I am a great cleaner. In my spare time I like to cause town mobs and pursue women who hate me.

“No one is as clean as Gaston, tidy as Gaston, mops like Gaston!”

I cover, #Beast’sCastle, #HouseOfMouse



I am a young upstart. I do not have a lot of experience, but keeping...

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Cleanest Boroughs of London


Considering its size, London is one of the cleanest cities in the world. At TidyChoice we are proud of this and, as a result, we have taken the liberty to list what we consider to be the cleanest boroughs of London.


Hackney is one of London’s cleanest boroughs because of its high cycling population. In 2014 more residents cycled to work than who drove. Additionally, more residents cycled to work than in any other London borough. This is because the area is very cycle-friendly. All Hackney’s residential streets are 20mph zones and pavement parking has been removed from over 60 streets in the borough. These factors along with many others have made cycling much safer and the environment much cleaner. At TidyChoice we are very impressed!


Croydon understands that first impressions matter. As a result, they have a zero tolerance policy to littering. In 2013/14 they spent £300k on cleaning-up fly-tips and picking-up 354kg of...

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Here are some simple reasons to keep a tidy house!


Your mental health will improve!

As we all know, not having a clean house has the possibility of doing some bad damage to our physical health. Work surfaces are great for bacteria to grow on, which is why we clean them.  But it can also affect our mental health; making us unhappy just by looking at the mess. Having a fresh looking house can really make you feel great. Whether you cleaned it yourself or hired someone from TidyChoice, you will feel so much better and maybe you will be excited to get back home from work!

Your kids won’t be at risk.

A cluttered house can be dangerous, especially for your little ones. Children love to play and in an untidy house, they have the possibility of tripping and falling on that old extension cable that was left out accidentally! Ensure their environment is safer by cleaning up and making sure it’s all nice and tidy.

You’ll be able to host guests more often?

Sometimes it can be embarrassing or even...

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Should we care if cleaners are paid fairly?


We spend billions on coffee and chocolate which can be considered luxuries. We don’t mind paying a little more to make sure that farmers and workers in less developed countries get paid fairly. The Fairtrade brand is hugely successful and is supported by millions of us when we do our shopping.

Paying someone to clean your home is also a luxury because it frees up our valuable time. Few of us give a thought as to whether or not our cleaner is being paid fairly. Some cleaners earn less than £6/hour, far below a fair rate for someone we trust and rely upon. Shouldn’t apply the same Fairtrade principle to trusted professionals working in our homes?

Most cleaning companies and agencies don’t pay cleaners fairly. In a recent article by the Independent, Ms Rojas, a professional cleaner, commented on the negative reaction from her employer when she asked to get her pay increased to the living wage: “My country is called a Third World country but there they...

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Unclean kids’ toys could present health risks


Have you ever had a closer look at your kid’s favourite toy? According to new research by Dettol, your kids’ most used toys carry risks to their health.

Whilst their teddy bear may appear to be your child’s best friend, the cuddly toy could pose a potential health risk.

The Daily Mail published the research findings which reported that 1 in 4 toys contain bacteria relating to fecal matter and that 3 from 4 toys are not washed effectively.

Experts have warned that 80 per cent of teddies harbour bacteria. The research also found  that 90 per cent of children regularly drop their beloved toys on the floor, where they can pick up dirt and various germs. One of our housekeepers in Willesden said she couldn't believe how often parents neglect to wash their child's toys.

We, at TidyChoice, recognize the importance of maintaining a clean home for the benefit of your kids’ health and well-being. That is why our service provides a...

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